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MONTHS ago… LOL. I shot this hairstyle braid tutorial (and a bunch of others) that I have needed to post for all of you. Especially for one reader who specifically asked for the Twist Waterfall Braid tutorial. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted.

I had carpal tunnel surgery and was totally convinced that while I might not be able to do hair I thought I could type away and post a bunch of tutorials for you while I recovered. Boy was I wrong. I even had some super cute princess styles I wanted to get posted before Halloween. Bummer. Better late than never I guess.

Thanks to EVERYONE who sent emails and posted lovely “get well” wished on my Facebook page. It was nice to know you were thinking of me. I appreciate that. I am happy to say that my hands are feeling great! I don’t have it all back, but the pain that my carpal tunnel was causing is totally gone. Surgery was well worth it for me. And I am excited to get back into the swing of things here on Girly Do’s.

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So without further stalling I give you the tutorial for the twisted waterfall braid. This braid is done with two sections. And these will be the whole braid all the way back. Nothing adds into these two sections ever! You will just be placing hair between twists to add the waterfall effect. Its the easiest of all the waterfall braids.

twist waterfall braid 2

Once you have the hair divided twist these two sections separately clockwise. I twist these throughout the braid process to add a little definition to these braided sections.

twist waterfall braid 3

Twist counter-clockwise the two sections together. Just once.

twist waterfall braid 4

Take a small section of hair from the top by the part and place this between your two braid sections.

twist waterfall braid 5

Hold tight and twist the braid section on the other side of the hair (between) to secure. And repeat this action all the way back.

twist waterfall braid 8

Once you are where you want to finish this style Take one last section from the top and combine it to the braid. (I guess I kind of fibbed earlier when I said you never add to the braid.) This is just an anchor section to hold the braid and make it not just slip out of place. This is an important step, so don’t skip it.

You end up with this pretty braid. See how easy that was and how good you are at doing it. Way to go! Have a great weekend and happy hair doing!

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