Short Hairstyles for Men with Beard

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Short Hairstyles for Men with BeardMaybe you’re planning to grow a beard for the first time in your life, and maybe you’re just looking for a fresh new style to suit your manly name. Beard is easy, but short hairstyles for men with the beard is not easy as you think. There are some styles which suit you beard, and some don’t. But don’t sad, we are here to help you! Below is our recommendation of hairstyles for men with beard.

Top 5 Hairstyles for Men with Beard

1. Undercut

Undercutwill always is the best hairstyle for men with beard. This style also always make it to the list when it comes to modern hairstyles. Indeed, undercut hairstyle is always a right choice with the most contemporary of the lot. This hairstyle is stylish, sharp but incredibly smart. Nowadays, many people including celebrities and commoners get this hairstyle. It can be a little brash for some because of the stark contrast between the buzzed against your full beard. The tapered sides of your undercut will also make it brash. But if you want to look slick and striking, these hairstyles with beards will complete your look.

There will be an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to matching a beard with short back and side hairstyle. From the more subtle contrasts hairstyle to a full blown disconnection, undercut has everything for you. The most common way of approaching undercut hairstyle is to use the same clipper length on your beard. This method will give a full finish more suited.

Another approach is albeit harsher finish. This look is created by going shorter on the sides and the back of your head with a marginally longer beard. Indeed, this look will give you a sharp finish which may not be suited ever to place. You need some consideration if you want to choose this look.

The last undercut hairstyle with the beard is a middle ground between the two which is a tapered beard. First, you need to taper down from sideburn area, then getting longer gradually as your beard moves towards your chin. This look creates a dynamic finish which is very stylish for men. Undercut hairstyle with the beard can suit any age range from teenagers and men!

2. Short and messy

Another great pairing for the bearded man is short and messy hairstyle. This hairstyle will keep your hair short and textured but disheveled. The short and messy hairstyle is another style which suits men with beard well. Although a brief and messy look like this isn’t the most favorite hairstyle at the moment, you need to realize the fact that this hairstyle is an excellent choice for men with beard. The full nature of a short and messy hairstyle with the beard is a great hairstyle so you can get a more subtle look when it comes to the beard along with longer styles.

When you choose to get the look of short and messy hairstyle, we recommend you to keep things no higher than the clipper length of your beard. A short and messy hairstyle along with a subtle sits goes very well. But you need to maintain the rugged appearance if your hairstyle is typically liberally short and messy.

Keep things on the tidier end of the spectrum if stubble is a little short for you. This style will prevent the look from looking to nonchalant. After all, this hairstyle purpose is to look good without seems like you put too much effort, right?

3. Side Parting

Last but not least, side parting hairstyle is the final option for short hairstyle for men with beard. Side parting comes in several different options, but the classic style is still in and out of popularity several times in the recent years. In this year, the classic side part rises its popularity again. You can choose the contemporary version with a little more volume on top or the sleek style which take on the side part. A side parting is a timeless hairstyle that will always be one of favorite hairstyle on men’s heads.

There are no boundaries when it comes to short hairstyle for men with beard. For this hairstyle, you are not going any higher than your clipper beard length if you want a tightly groomed stubble. If you have larger bread, a more voluminous on the side part still suit you well. This hairstyle will give you a clean finish. Another advice from us is you can keep the side of your hair no longer than your clipped beard, and this will allow you to get a little more length under your chin if you want.


Long hair

Although the title says “short hairstyle for men with the beard,” but we feel the need to put this hairstyle for you who still haven’t chosen any option for four other options above. So, here our advice if you prefer long hair!

Who says that long hair is for women only? Men are also looking good with long hair. Beard styles and long hair are fit perfectly together. A long time ago, if there is the man with long hair, he has always been associated with lack of effort or a level of nonchalance. Fortunately, in recent years, long hair perception has changed, and this hairstyle becomes relatively mainstream. Thanks to many actors and singers who breaks the stereotypes with their handsomeness.

Growing a longer styled hair takes a lot of time, it’s no secret anymore! Not to mention the work and dedication of improving them. The best long hairstyles for men with a beard are veer on the shorter side of the spectrum. This hairstyle won’t require the same level of effort as your hair. You can add an air of disheveled flair with this hairstyle as longer styles can (but not always). It’s better to keep your beard relatively short so that your beard doesn’t overkill your long hair.

Short beard style with long hair will add a desirable level of contrast to your overall look, so it’s better to take this approach. You can also get the inspiration of the latest hairstyles for long hair which suit your beard.