Short Afro Hairstyle for Round Faces

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Short Afro Hairstyle for Round FacesIf you have round face, you don’t need to restrict yourself to the same hairstyle over and over again. Your hair deserves better. Round face suit with short afro hairstyle! With our guide, we will give you some of the best short afro hairstyles for round faces, along with tips on how to grow your afro hair, so they become strong and healthy as possible.

Afro hair is tricky because they scale between being curly, kinky, or oily, and some people might have a combination of all three. But, don’t worry! We are here to help you find the perfect cut or hairstyle which looks best for your round face.

Since afro hair is more diverse than what people think, you need the right skill and knowledge so you can get a fantastic afro hairstyle. Just take a look at this short afro hairstyle for round faces and how to best show off yours.

Short Afro Hairstyle for Round Faces

1. Natural Texture

If your short hair is already in afro texture, you may decide to keep it natural. Use right products to make a huge difference in keeping it natural or how you want it to be. The following products will keep your short afro hairstyle in good shape all the times, no matter how you chose to style it.

Best Products for Afro Hair

  1. Avoid sulfate. Any hair products which contain sulfate will strip away the natural oils in your afro hair. It means that you will have to add moisture to your hair more often than before. You can choose either cut it out completely or use products with low sulfate. Indeed, sulfate will cleanse your hair well, but I can irritate and leave your natural afro hair brittle. If you want to get tight afro curls, you need to keep your hair moisturized and got rid of your sulfate shampoos. Then, which shampoos that you need to use? We recommend Shea Moisture, Philip Kingsley, OGX, and Giovani which are sulfate free and worth to try.
  2. Shea butter or coconut oil. Afro hair is a type of hair which tend to be drier than any other hair types. It can be happened due to its lower level of porosity. If your afro hair is super dry, then it will be frizzier. The solution of this problem is you need to use a deep moisturizing balm such as shea butter or coconut oil to make your hair frizz-free and manageable all the times.
  3. Conditioner. If you want to use neither shea butter nor coconut oil, conditioner will be your savior. Because if your hair is not consistently and deeply conditioned well, your afro will eventually break off. We recommend you to use Aveda, Kerastase, Malin and Goetz, TGIN (Thank God I’m Natural), Charlotte Mensah, Pureology, and Phyto as your holy grail.
  4. Heat Protection. Sometimes you need to use the hairdryer, so your afro hair will shine, and it will add some extra volume. You have to remember that heat will damage afro hair. Before using the hairdryer, you need to use heat protection. It will ensure you that the heat wouldn’t harm your hair’s follicles or structure. Another option is to set the temperature in the normal range.
  5. Trim. A good trim will make your afro hair look healthier.
  6. Hair Pick. When it comes to keeping your hair tangle free and looking at its best, a hair pick is significant thing to decide. Instead of a hair brush, a pick is a good choice, so you will be able to maintain the texture without making your hair tangle. Other options are paddle brush from Moroccan Oil, Kent, and Aveda, as well as a wide tooth comb and a tail comb that will stop your hair from breakage while you’re sleeping.
  7. Protection. Protection for your afro hair, whenever you’re outside, is the umbrella. So make sure you bring an umbrella.

2. Colloring

Your hair can be one of the excellent ways to express yourself and individuality. You can add your short afro hair a secondary color to create a striking, statement look. Maybe you’re not ready about washing your hair because of the damage that you will get later, but with a good hairdresser and right hair care products, this combination will add the bleach and dye well. So, in the end, you still get a healthy head of hair.

3. Afro Hairstyles for Men

Compared to women’s, men’s afro hairstyles are more diverse. Because of the hair texture, men can manipulate their short afro hair beyond belief. By having short afro hair, not only make your hair healthier by trimming, but it also can remove dead ends. Trimming will give you the opportunity to style your hair that suits you.

4. Shape of Hair

No, it’s not Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, but it’s a shape of your afro hair. Giving your short afro hair a new form will make it look best. Some people choose to keep the natural form, and others decide to get a different way. Just like long hair, you can also experiment your afro hair. You can style them flat top, slicking it back, or just style them something subtle.

5. Braids

Braids are not for long hair only, but short hair can braid its hair. Braids are an iconic part of the afro hair, and it has a long history too. Its natural moisture will be maintained by braiding them. Braids can also change your overall look. Using a balm is an excellent tip to make the braid moisture and keep it in style for the longest time. There many different brands that will work best for you.

6. Dreadlocks

A permanent solution for short afro hair is dreadlocks. And if you want to take this option, you need to find an experienced hairdresser to do the job. To maintain a sleek style, you need to have a good dreadlock wax and a pH balance shampoo and hair products which aren’t high in sulfate.