Piggy Hair for Mature Aged Woman

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There are a lot of girl’s hairstyles, from which are for the little girls until for the ladies. Every hairstyle has its own characteristic that will influence for those who wear it. For instance, little girl’s hairstyles seem more fresh, playful, and cheerful. Meanwhile, the hairstyles for lady are more calm, quiet, and solemn. All those stuff are up to you, as long as you can adjust with your overall outfit and situation that you might be. There is a little girl’ hairstyle which is still popular in lady’s hairstyle world, and it is a piggy hair. This hairstyle is usually worn by the little girl, but in fact, there are many young adults, and even adults still wear it. The below are going to be the further explanation about piggy hair.

bow pig tails

What Is Pigtail Hairstyle?

Pigtail hairstyle usually refers to a braided hair, either it is one or two braids which are on the right and left the head. But for some people, the two bunches also called as this hairstyle. Pigtail term comes in the 17th century from American Colonies to describe a twist of chewing tobacco which is one of processing the tobacco steps. From the 17th century through 19th century, pigtail term is applied to any braided. Moreover, this hairstyle became a standard dress for the female who have long hair for the British army. And for the modern dictionary, pigtail refers to a single tight braided hair.

How to Create Pigtails?

In order to get the perfect pigtails, you should know the required length of the hair, the tools, and techniques. For the first, you will need certain tools such as rat tail comb, brush, spray bottle, hairspray, two small hair rubber bands, and accessory (if necessary). For creating pigtails, you will need approximately three until 5 minutes.

  • Brush your hair to avoid the tangles
  • Separating the hair into two parts, bring one part to one side in the front, and tie it temporarily
  • Begin with the back one, take a small top section, flip it away to the other side
  • Now you can tease that section smoothly with rat tail comb
  • Bring back the small top part to its place (which is teased)
  • To soften the look, you can take small stands in near ear and brow to frame the face.
  • Swoop the hair which is teased, and bunch it with rubber band
  • Tip up a little to add the volume
  • Repeat the steps to work the other part
  • Spray them with hairspray to make them stay in the place
  • Add an accessory like ribbon, headband, or else to beautify the look.

How to Wear Pigtails Properly?

There are some ways to wear braids which are proper to your not-so-young age.  The simplest is make the twin tails lower than it should be. It will show the calmer version of pigtails. You can be creative to make it look attractive by making a zig zag line. You can use rat tail comb to make a zig zag line by directing it with your wrist. It can create a new dimension to your piggy hair. Another way is braided it. This hairstyle will make you looks like a catwalk model which is very sophisticated and trendy. There are a lot of braided pigtails that proper to mature age. You can also add some accessories to your piggy hair. But, leave the rainbow and unicorn ones behind, if you do not want to be called a little girl. You should try the accessories with geometric shapes, stones, or metallic elements. These give you so much more mature and glamor look

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Pigtails for Adults

You do not have to a little girl to wear a piggy hair. You can also wear it in the informal situation such as a class, party, or a date to show your cute characteristic. It can be perfect for you if you can adjust with your outfit. You have to wear that shows you a mature woman to avoid for being called as childish. If your appearance is right, then you do not have a problem with your hairstyle. The below are the pigtails for adults that you should try.

  • Fluffy Pigtails

These braids are perfect for you to attend a concert to show a playful characteristic of you. All you have to do to make these braids is do pigtail normally, the tease your small top hair to add volume which makes fluffy. After that, secure them with some bobby pins to keep them stay in the place.

  • Dutch pigtails

This pigtail does not require you to have a long hair to get it. It is no problem to do it for short hair which will be your lifesaver when you bored with your short hairstyle. Dutch pigtail is always adorable in any situation. It will create a sweet hairstyle.

  • Fishtail pigtails

This piggy hair is perfect for summer. If you are bored with the regular single ponytail, you should give a try to this hairstyle. Fishtail braids will not be ruined by the water. That is why you should wear them at the beach.

  • High pigtails

This pigtail is the most simple among the other. All you have to need is a comb and two rubber bands. You do not need a hair spray because this hairstyle is not the complicated one.

  • Pigtail buns

This pigtail is safe for you who have a sensitive hair because it does not need any heat to your locks. It means that your hair will not get burned, and shows your hair naturally.

  • Cute anime pigtails

As you know that girl characters in anime are cute and adorable. Therefore, these braids are created. They are created for you who want to have cute and adorable style. For this hairdo, you will need a curling iron. But, you have to make sure that your hair is dehydrated before use it to avoid damaging your hair.