Inspiring 80’s Girl Hairstyles for Your Next Salon Ideas

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When we look back at several years ago, 80’s girl hairstyles might remind you how popular that mode back then. But, some sides think those hairstyles might get a bad rap for nowadays. However, believe that there are some hairstyles ready to give you inspiration for your next salon idea. Check out the list below!

80’s girl hairstyles

1. Full Curls

When you see Madonna full curls, you might remember the permanent looks of 80’s girl hairstyles. Of course, natural curls will look even better to show 80’s vibe, but you can try to get a virtual cut at any salon. You can go with the bob haircut to get another look of 80’s. Don’t forget to ask for special volume enhancing products so you can get a full look for your perm. But, don’t do the perm too frequent, so it won’t damage your hair. It will get too dry easily, so you need to keep your hair moisturized. For enhancing your stylish look, put a pin into a French twist for more classy style or mini skirt with high boots for sexier and wilder looks.

2. Scrunchies

Scrunchiesstep ahead on the primary elastic band in the 80’s with more boulder and louder mode in fabric or colors. Who knows you might already prepare different colors or fabrics for everyday use. This small thing is a main hair accessory in the 80’s that a big help for keeping your side ponies and long hair in check efficiently. Moreover, when you want to let your hair down, you can use the scrunchies as wrist accessories. Complete package!

3. Side High Ponytails

Rather than having common ponytails at the back of your head, how about trying the iconic side ponytails of 80’s girl hairstyles? You can try different versions of side pony depend on when you place on your head. Forget about sleek ponytail hairstyle, and you should try the epic proportions that slightly higher and straight out of the top of a head, of course, with frizzy looks for perfection. Pulling off the side ponytails and big bangs at the same time also will make you awesome.

80’s girl hairstyles

4. Crimping

For another vibe of 80’s girl hairstyles, crimping should be on your list. If you have no time to visit your hair stylist, you can do it by yourself. Just simply braid all of your hair into tiny braids to get crimps. Let them a day long even until you sleep overnight. In the morning, take out the braids. Instantly, you will get a head full of crimps. Get them sprayed and you have ready to go. Some others might also try it with the curling iron which set to the maximum head. You can complete your crimps look with long flowing floral patterned dresses.

5. Crazy Bangs

During 80’s girl hairstyles era, if you get bigger and crazier bangs, you have a better hairstyle. You can try to do straight up or feathered bangs are then spraying with maximum hold hairspray. Rather than going for wild looks, you can keep your simple style with jeans or slacks, blouse or t-shirt, and make-up for maximizing your bangs perfection. Just don’t forget to wash your hair at the end of the day thoroughly, so your hair doesn’t get stiff and brittle.

80’s girl hairstyles

6. Wrapped Hair

Whether you want to go with headbands, lace ribbons, bows, or scarves, wrapping your hair has become the same 80’s girl hairstyles. These hair accessories both come practically and stylishly to polish your hair with minimal effort which you don’t need even think about visiting a salon. You can follow Madonna with her favorite slightly pink teased chignon with a thick fabric tied into a loose bow. For cute looks, you can go only with patterned headbands, but if you want a new badass look don’t forget to wear a thick makeup.

7. Mullets

80’s girl haircut with mullet style goes well both with men and women. The complete looks will come with full fringe and more blended layers. However, recently the model comes with shorter disconnected layers that give a better look for those with triangle-shaped faces. Not only popular throughout 80’s, but the style also maintains its popularity until the beginning of 90’s.

80’s girl hairstyles

8. Neon

Hot pink is a favorite 80’s girl hairstyles for color choice in the 1980s. Everyone in that era tries to get eye-catching hair color to go for neon looks. Some will color the tip of their hair strands and complete it with neon earrings.

9. Shag

Shag comes in every generation. If shag in an era of the 60s and 70s comes out with sporty looks, 80’s era is more with revived big hair shag for a heavy metal rock bands looks. For getting shaggy-looks, you can ask your stylist to get chunkier layers that past the jawline. You have several options to go with long, mid-ranged one. The layer will progress from the shortest length at the bottom to the top of your head.

10. Braided Half-Updo

If you have a long hair, you should try to get braided half-updo. This hairstyle is also a trend in the 1980s, especially in the French braid style. Weaving looks is a perfect hairstyle for those who want to looks beautiful and feminine with 80s women’s hairstyles for long hair.

11. Shaven sides

Another punk movement during 80s era is side-shaven undercuts. You can put some enough hairspray to keep the top hair part in firm position. Furthermore, you can go with more colors such as blue or green for coloring your hair. It creates an edgy and punk looks.

80’s girl hairstyles

12. Bubble Ponytail

Not only the side ponytails that go modern, but the bubble ponytail also revives the standard ponytail in the 1980s. On recreating these irregular ways of ponytail styling, you only need to segment the tails at the back with hair elastics throughout the length.

So, which one is your favorite 80’s girl hairstyles? Pick one, prepare your spray and complete your looks by wearing makeup to touch up a badass style. Now, you have been ready to rock out the day.