Choosing the Best Hairstyles for Your Happy Days

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We will go back to the famous 70’s to 80’s Happy Days hairstyles. Do you remember Joanie Cunningham’s frizz or Fonzie’s sleek hairstyle? Those famous figures’ hairstyles are still popular and followed by the show fans. However, there are some more casts’ hairstyles in every episode that may inspire you to get the same looks. Check out below!

70’s Happy Days hairstylesHow to Look Cool like Fonzie

Among Happy Days hairstyles, maybe Author Fonzarelli or better known as Fonzie or The Fronz has the best hairstyle for men that show how classic still can look cool the same way in every episode. Do you remember how he always carried a black comb on hand to keep his hairstyle always in perfect look? Actually, Fronzie’s classic hairstyle is quite easily replicated. As starting off, you need to prepare the gold standard item, hair gel or wax to help to slick down your hair completely. Start by combing up each side of your hair equally. On the larger part of your hair, from a duck tale-like wave on top of your head. Done! If you think that some strands of hair come out from its place, pull out your comb then lay it down.

Cute Joanie’s Frizzy Hairstyle

In Cunningham’s family, the sweet little sister may catch up your attention. Yes, she is Joanie. Practically, she has calmed and short Afro hairstyle. Although she has thick and kinky hair, she always keeps it short and tidy. Sometimes, she put a hairpin on her sides to maintain the hair down. Although sometimes she let her hair grow longer, mostly, she keeps the hair short, so it will naturally look okay without any touch. If you have the same hairstyle, Joanie’s Happy Days hairstyles are worth to try.

Replicate Richie’s Innocent Looks

Now, we go to the main character of the show, Richie Cunningham. He was portrayed as an innocent and perfect son for his parents. But, sometimes he was or decided to be involved in bad situation, mostly with his best buddy, Fronzie. However, as the main character, not only his funny characters, but his looks also become the talk of the town. His simple and perfectly parted short red hair completes his handsome looks. You need to simply part your hair a little bit to the lift side then bring it to the right. Unlike Fronzie who bring up his hair to be cooler, Richie’s Happy Days hairstyles keep it down to look modest.

Get Marion’s Hairstyle of Mature Woman

When you look for 70-80s mature women hairstyle, Marion Cunningham can be the best role model. Portrayed as typical dedicated wife and mother of her family, her looks reflected her conservative characters. She was always come out with neat and well-dressed tailored outfits to support her beautiful red, wavy, and regularly styled hairstyle. She did it in an updo that perfectly highlighted her beautiful eyes and classic style. To get mature women Happy Days hairstyles, you can use hot roller or barreled curling iron to create a wave of your hair. Help the back hair with bobby pins and hair gel to set them in place while looking slick back on the sides. However, let the top part to be loose and casual, also combed back neatly to make it perfect.

Follow the Handsome Looks of Chachi

You might remember the handsome man who becomes Joanie’s boyfriend, Charles Arcola or better known as Chachi. He has similar hairstyle like the Beatles’ in their long hair era. Yes, it’s a longer mop hair style. To get this hairstyle, you need to trim your hair evenly around the head which the front side of hair reach eyebrow. Meanwhile, the side of your hair fully covers the ears. Mostly, the nape hair touches the collarbone level. Chachi’s Happy Days hairstyles can be styled from the top center of the head down and straight vertically to the floor hanging down by using comb. It will let the fringe left on forehead while the sides cover the ears. If you have quite wavy hair, you can use hair straightener to let the hair fully hanging down.

Women’s Mop Hair Style of Lori Allen

If Joanie finds her love with Chachi, Richie found her par in Lori Beth Allen. Lori came in the show with her eye-catching looks. She has little mop black hair that looks pretty for her. The hairstyle starts off with part the top front hair somewhat to the side. Instead of keeping the lower back side longer, she keeps it short up to the nape horizontally to the chin. The side of hair is tidily trimmed to cover her ears. To replicate Happy Days hairstyles of Lori, you can complement the overall looks with an additional touch of scarf to complete your look like her.

Marsha Simms’ Curly Short Hairstyle

Having short and curly hairstyle was reflected on Marsha Simms figure. Played as carhop character on the show, she appeared with her typical short curly hair. Instead of keeping it long, she tried not to cover her ears, so her hair was trimmed shorter than ear level. Sometimes, she also creates some wavy to her front side hair from left to right to look tidier. However, in some episode, her short curly hair grows longer until covering her ears. Still, her typical shorter hair is more popular among other Happy Days hairstyles.

Beautiful Long Hairstyle of Ashley Pfister

Between Happy Days hairstyles, Ashley Pfister that appear shortly as Fronzie’s girlfriend can be a perfect model for looking 70-80’s longer hairstyles. She was usually simply tied up her hair side to the back. Meanwhile, she keeps her long wavy blonde hair let down to reach horizontally under her collarbone. For bangs, he cut her front side to create her spare-density bangs. Don’t forget to bring a strand of hair in front of your ears. Use curling iron to help you prettily form calmed curls for your hair tips.

So, from men to women, which one is your favorite Happy Days hairstyles?