Be Fashionable with Hairnet Hairstyle

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Hairnet HairstyleOnce heard about hair net, people may think that it is one which is worn on your hair or beard when you go to a food factory, kitchen, or surgery room to keep hygiene. In the fashion world, wearing hairnet is not only for keeping a bun stay shaped but it also a new trend in this era. It first became a fashion in somewhere in The Middle Ages and was reinvented over again for the next periods after that. Hairnet hairstyle becomes another idea to be worn for a stylish and fashionable hairstyle. Show the hairnet as your new accessory for your hair. A hairnet is considered as a new hairstyle item for those who have either short or long hair rather than just a bunch of hair. The latest fashion gives hairnet a chance to be a new hairstyle, and it comes in many stylish variations that you can wear for up-dos, even free-flowing hair. The following are some ways to make a hairnet hairstyle which hopefully you are inspired.

The Basic Hairstyle

It is better to take an idea about how to wear hairnet by looking through the history and take a cue. You can start looking for it from the era when this hairstyle is inspiring which is in The Middle Ages. It is the primary hairnet hairstyle that is perfect for wedding occasion, as a bride, bridesmaid, or a guest. All you have to do is pull back your hair, make it into a sleek ponytail, curl them into a perfect ringlet, and cover the top of the ponytail with a beaded or lace hairnet as an accent for your hairstyle. Now you look like an elegant lady comes from The Middle Ages.

The Romantic Look

Passing several next centuries, we are on the Civil War one which gives us a good idea how to wear a hairnet. The hairdo is so easy actually. First, you have to separate your front hair into two sides. Each side has to be divided into two strands and swirl them all the way into the back, do not forget to clip them with the bobby pin. After that twisted the rest of the hair in the back into whatever you want to shape which is a beautiful flat bun. And then, you need a larger hairnet to cover up your whole hair, including the small bun. The hairnet is better to have a wonderful weave and a similar color to your hair because it should be invisible. For the accessory, you can use a silk bandana. Now, you are the sweetest lady comes from the Civil War days.

The Roaring 20s

These ages are other inspiring years of all century about its hairnet hairstyle. It is the glamorous and beautiful hairstyle that can go out of style. What you need to do is pull back your hair into a very simple, shiny, slick, and tight low bun with your hair which is parted on the side. After that, you need a larger black hairnet to cover up your entire head which goes low over your forehead and add a wide black band to end up the edges. You also have to dress in a stunning dress that ones with fringe, sequins, or tassels. Do not forget to wear high heels. And complete the look with a striking makeup which is smoky eyes and red lips to balancing the thick hairnet hairstyle. This look is perfect for you to go to a fancy high-end dinner, festival, or party.

The Glam of Retro

It is another trendy hairnet hairstyle from the past that never goes out the trend which is the pinup 40s style.  This method becomes famous because of the attractive mini-dressed woman drawings that could be found in almost anywhere in the 40s which are an excellent source to be a fashion idea. However, this hairstyle is the little bit difficult to do it by yourself. You need to ask someone to help you to make it easier. You have to tie your hair behind your back with a loose weave. And cover it with a heavy knitted hairnet. Using a lot of hair spray is the key of this hairstyle to be the perfect one. So, do not forget to spray it. For getting the hairnet, you can either simply buy it or crochet it for making it be more you. Complete the style with a wide red ribbon put on the hairdo. And for the makeup, use a bright red lipstick, thick eyeliner, and swooped eyebrows. Finally, you look like an attractive retro woman.

The Crazy Yet Cool Look

As we know that 70s have the most insane fashion style of all time. You can see the craziness by the patterns, colors, shapes, and the materials which all show freedom, fun, and playful. It is the simplest hairnet hairstyle among the others. All you have to do is just wear the full colored crochet hairnet over your loose hair just like a cap, and short hair would be better. Complete the look with knitted top, golden jewelry, and a pair of platforms.

Practical with Style

Who says that practical hairnet would not be a style too? This hairnet hairstyle has multifunction, as the practical also a style. There are several activities that require wearing the hairnet when you do those things, ballet for instance. The dancers need to keep the hair does not escape from the hairdo, so they will not be distracted while they are dancing. Therefore, they usually wear the white or pink hairnet to cover up the bun and also to beautify their look. Likewise the equestrian, they wear a traditional and elegant hairnet under their helmet. You can also wear the hairnet while you are sleeping in order to get the beautiful hair of natural beach in the morning.  It also avoids your hair from tangles.

That is all about hairnet hairstyle that you can try to go out to parties, dinners, or any other occasions. This hairstyle will give you a different look, in a good way of course. Besides, these days, people tend to be different and free to show off themselves through fashion. And hairnet hairstyle is one of the greatest fashion ideas.