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Japanese Girl Hairstyle 2Hair is the crown. Every woman knew about it, so they have to treat their hair well. Nowadays, the hairstyle is the most important thing. It can also be included as the fashion item. As we know, there are so many styles that can be used. When we are talking about cute hairstyle, what do you think about? Japanese might cross your mind. For girl fashion, Japan is known as its Kawaii or cute concept. When you see Japanese girl hairstyle, it will make you have it since it is too nice and attractive.

The Most Iconic Japanese Girl Hairstyle

From thousands hairstyle from Japan, there is one of the most iconic Japanese hairstyles that must be known before you learn more about Japanese hairstyle. The most iconic hairstyle from Japan is called as HimeCut. Himeis Japanese which has to mean as the princess. It called as princes’ cut since it started to be the trend during a Heian period. It was popular among the royal family and noble women to differentiate themselves with the regular women at that time. Moreover, this Japanese girl hairstyle with bangs also needs more maintenance to take care of it. It is also the reason why only royal family and noble women could have this hairstyle.

So, how is the look of Himecut as the most iconic Japanese girl hairstyle? Himecut style is usually for you who have long and straight hair. Most of the Himecut used for the long and straight hair. For the back hair, it keeps being long. Meanwhile, the side locks have the length as long as the cheeks. For the side lock, there are two choices. First, you can make the side lock shorter. Second, you can also make the side lock longer. It can be chosen depending on your preference or your face type.

Then, you cannot avoid bangs for Japanese hairstyle. Himecut is one of Japanese girl hairstyle with bangs. You can cut your bangs right on your eyebrows. It will be turned cute. The variation of hair colors is also recommended. You can just let it black or choose other colors such as red burgundy, light brown, or dark brown. It is recommended for you to choose the black color for this hairstyle.

Japanese Girl Hairstyle

Short Japanese Hairstyle

Besides the most iconic Japanese hairstyle, there are also thousands short Japanese hairstyle that cannot be absent in every the most trendy Japanese girl hairstyle 2017. Maybe we think that cute related to the princes’ look which has long hair. However, Japanese have their look for the cutest thing. It is not only the long hair, but the short hair of Japanese girls also can turn to be cute hairstyle. As we know there so many even thousands hairstyle for the short cut. You can choose based on your face type or your preference. Here are the best recommendations of Japanese short hairstyle for girls

First, you may know bob hairstyle. Not only from Japan, but also there are so many women in the world used this hairstyle. This cutting is still included as the most trendy Japanese girl hairstyle 2017. Typically, you can cut your hair around your shoulder or even shorter, and you can take it as your preference. Then, don’t forget to have the cutie bangs on your eyebrows. It will be cuter when you can coloring your hair with this style. It does not matter what the color that will you use for this hairstyle since it is fit well for mostly every color. As long as the color is suitable for your skin tone, it does not matter.

There are also so many types of bob hairstyle. For the first hairstyle before, it is recommended for the straight hair. If you prefer the curlier hairstyle, you may also choose Bob Japanese girl hairstyle. For instance, if you have sheer hair you can still apply this bob hairstyle for you. Cut your hair under your cheek which is between the cheek and your chin. Then, have bangs as your eyebrows. Bring the bangs to the left or the right. It will be better if you can make it little wavy for the below side.

In the other hand, if you want the boyish look from Japanese girl hairstyle 2017 you can also use bob hairstyle as the choice. Different from the previous ones, you have to cut it shorter. For the front side, you have to cut it until it touches your top of the ear. Bring it to the front. For the back side of your hair, you can trim it around your back neck. Still, with bangs, you have to make it as short as your eyebrows. It will be good for you who have thick hair.

Japanese Girl Hairstyle 3Secondly, there is also so many cute short Japanese girl hairstyle that can be chosen. This hairstyle is not far different from the bob hairstyle. What makes it different is the cutting style and volume that used. For the first recommendation is school girl Japanese hairstyle. It is not too different from before. You can cut your hair to make it did not your shoulder. You can trim it until your middle cheek. After that, you have to have the full bangs. It means that you bangs have to have more volume to make it looks fresh and natural. It is recommended for choosing the dark colors.

Then, if you want the mature one you can choose the curly short Japanese girl hairstyle. For this hairstyle, it has more general for the color tone. You can choose every color that you want for your hair. This hairstyle is the under cheek-long with the front volume-bangs. What makes it beautiful is you can have it in a curly way. It is so perfect for you who have curly hair. On the other hand, if you are not too prefer the curly one, you can make it wavy one. It will look mature and cute at the same time.

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