How to Get the Best Hairstyles Look on Your Recital Day

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dance recital hairstylesThe time has been coming up for you ladies to be on the stage. Yes, it’s your recital day. Not only the performance alone but perform with the perfect look is very important at this critical moment. So, putting much more effort to get the best dance recital hairstyles is also something worth to do and prepared well. In the following, you can learn what and how to get the best hairstyle look on your recital day. Check it out!

Tools Need to be Prepared

Whether you are doing it by yourself before your performance, or you are a Mom who struggles to put your girl’s hair in its place, or you are a dance teacher who was going to give the best touches on your student’s updos, preparedness is something you might need at first. So, before we are going further, you need to write on your note about what kind of tools you may need to prepare to get the perfect dance recital hairstyles, especially for making a bun.

  1. Combs and Brushes

Hair has a plenty of different types such as curly, straight, brittle or thick. So, you need a variety of combs and brushes on hand to accommodate them by the hair type. Baby-soft bristle is perfect to handle beautiful hair. Meanwhile, curly and thick hair is usually managed by using boar brush with wide-spaced firm or coarse bristles. But, you should be more careful, so the bristle doesn’t end up generate frizz. You also need to avoid round brushes with small balls on each bristle’s tip because it may cause pain for removing the knots. Lastly, use soft tightly-packed bristles to comb hair with sparse density.

  1. Hair Ties or Bands

Each hair type also has the different type of hair ties or bands to help create dance recital hairstyles. Thin hair ties with metal clasp are useful for light hair. Meanwhile, for thick or very long hair, you should avoid using these skinny ties with less elasticity because they usually tend to cause knots and prone to snap when you use too much force. You also need to avoid hair ties with ornament, so it won’t be tangled and generate knots. Here, you might need hair ties with a thicker line and stronger elasticity for thick and long hair.

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  1. Bunheads and Hairnets

If you have difficulty on creating the natural bun, Bunheads are the gold standard for building a perfect bun for dance recital hairstyles. You can find it in various sizes. Then, cover up the bun with hairnets to keep it safe in place.

  1. Pin

When finish forming a bun, you need to poke a pin in to put the bun keep in its place although you will get to move a lot later. Be careful when stabbing it on her head. Aim the pin downwards towards the head but slightly out from the bun or away from the scalp at any point. Press it into the center of the bun to catch and anchor the bun. You also need to prepare a plenty of bobby pins, especially when you have short hair.

  1. Hair Gel or Wax

Some people may think hair gel is an optional tool, but for people with coarse and thick hair, it will be a huge help for keeping the hair stay alright. Still, you need to be more careful when applying, so it won’t get on skin.

  1. Hairspray

Last, for creating dance recital hairstyles hairspray is also necessary tools. It has the same function like hair gel to keep every strand of hair doesn’t come out naughtily. Be careful when using this, make sure you tell her to maintain their eyes closed and take a deep breath beforehand. Don’t forget to put your hand over the face to protect her eyes from spraying.

Tips on Building a Perfect Bun for Dance Recitals

There are some ways to create a perfectly neat and stable bun in the following steps:

  • Start off by wetting or putting some gel on hair
  • Use brush or comb to pull hair into a high ponytail
  • Pulling in the ponytail to create a donut-like bun
  • Use the brush again to smooth hair around
  • Around the base of bun, add rubber band or hair ties to keep it stand up
  • Part the bun hair on left and right then apply more gel
  • Twist one side of parted hair then wraps around the bun. Use more gel again and pin it with the bobby pin. Repeat the step on the other side.
  • You can choose to wrap the bun with hairnet or spray some hairspray to keep it in place.

Recital Hairstyles for Your Hair Type

Each woman has the different type of hair, particularly long or short hair. The level of difficulty making the hair come out with pretty style is also different. Here, we divide how to make dance recital hairstyles according to your hair type.

  1. Dance Recital Hairstyles for Short Hair

Every lady who has short to medium hair often struggles before their dance recital to get their hair up into buns. Although some of them have a great option to go with a fake bun, you can get another way to pull it back as a professional do. Pomade or hair gel is the most important item to be used here to slick the locks back on the perfect bun’s position. Make a twist on any remaining ends into little spirals. Hold the hair in place with bobby pins. You may need a plenty of pins in any location on your hair that look like ready to come out from its slick position.

  1. Dance Recital Hairstyles for Unruly Hair

Curly, thick, and coarse hair has different difficulty on the style up, whether it’s short or long. It’s quite challenging to smooth up-dos understatement. Usually, chemical relaxants can be a big help to make the hair to cooperate, but moisturizer is still more recommended to be used once a week before the performance. On D-Day, spray a heat protector then carefully blow dry. You can do it with a small section a time while as much as possible elongating the locks on the way. Use flat iron once the hair is dry to flatten the locks. Use the fine-tooth comb and strong hair balm, and you can pull it into a smooth up-do.

  1. Dance Recital Hairstyles for Long Hair

Dancers with long hair have unlimited options for creating dance recital hairstyles. Here are several options you can choose for on your performance day.

  • Perfect bun

Of course, it’s classic for all ages, but never out of date that still looks beautiful without any requirement. Just simply make it sleek and polished.

  • Crown bun

Instead of the sleek bun, you can create a flower bun like a small crown on top of your head. You should use elastic ties against the head then twist the hair around to create a bun shape like a pinwheel.

  • Modern French braid

Instead of the traditional French braid, you can combine with more modern touches to get beautiful dance recital hairstyles. Some may try to begin to form a lace braid off-center from the nape to the crown or from side to side. Then, twist the strands to form a bun on top.

  • Corset Accented Braided Bun

You can have fun on forming more dimensions on your bun. Add a colorful ribbon to embellish the braids that run from front side to the bun. Although it might require more time than average bun, you will be proud with the result.

You still have more options for style up your bun to combine it with various ways of braiding. Create what kind of dance recital hairstyles that looks the best to you!