The Summer Best Cornrow Hairstyles

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Hairstyling is a job that might require a little bit attention than other part of your body. Especially during summer, getting a hairstyle that won’t budge your back of the neck get sweaty is a matter. For this reason, those who have longer hair prefer for traditional African style of braids so their hair can be organized neatly. Well, for several braids types, you should consider cornrow hairstyles. It is braids which can long last even for months during your summer break. Cornrow itself has various type of braids style which each shows different vibe and creativity. There are curls, highlights, patterns, textures, and many more looks for cornrow. In the following, you can choose which one is your matched style.Check out below.

  1. Cornrows Mohawk

You can use cornrow hairstyles to get a little bit punky with Mohawk look. The braids patterns are styled up do the center up of the head in a trippy curved pattern. The remaining hairs are gathered in the center of the head. You hair extensions start to get attached and molded to create a Mohawk. This edgy and cool look will remain stylish that no one dare to mess with you.

Conrows Mohawk
  1. Cornrows Curly Fro Hawk

You can do braided to get another type of hawk. It is Fro Hawk which support you curly hair. Almost the same, you need to braid your hair up on each side to the center of your head. In this way, you still look sexy while keeping you cool to fight the summer heat. Try out!

Conrows Curly Fro Hawk
  1. Trendy Cornrow Styles

If you have long hair, you will even better in this trendy cornrow style. Get a front side of your head as the center of braid tips. From the center the braids style down until the tip of your hair. You might think that this cornrow hairstyles look like a starfish, don’t you? So, why you didn’t try this hairstyle sooner? Even with this cornrow, you can keep it for few months so your summer won’t be disturbed by hair grooming anymore. The only thing left is your trendy looks.

Trendy Conrow Styles
  1. Cornrow Updo Styles

When you don’t want the hair strands stick to your neck skin and make you feeling hot, then doing updo is the right hairstyling choice. Not only keeping you off from heat during summer, cornrow hairstyles with updo looks are the perfect artistic way to styling your hair. The only thing to do is braiding you hair up to the back of your head until the hair tip. Collect the braided hair strands into one then roll up to get a perfect up do.

Conrow Updo Styles
  1. Candy Floss Cornrow Styles

Want to look brighter with your cornrow hairstyles? Well, you should consider coloring your braided hair with bright pink like candy floss pink. You get an option to insert crochet braiding ot black box braid extensions into the braiding. Crochet braiding leaves you with lesser box braids to get your hairstyle more exposed and looks more contrast. Now, you can let everyone to turn their head when look at your stylish hairstyles like a sugar pop princess.

  1. High Ponytailed Cornrow Styles

Some may choose to get updo, while some other may prefer to let their updo down. Yes, you can style your hair with braided ponytail while keep you look fabulous and chic. Simply braid your hair to the back center of your head, then tying up the braided hair back. Don’t worry if you forget your hairband. You can use a few braids to tie your hair back around to finish this cornrow hairstyles. Simple and fast, isn’t it?

High Ponytailed Conrow Styles
  1. Twisted Bun Cornrow Styles

Want an edgy yet very classy cornrow styles for your hair grooming? Here, you should style your hair up with twisted bun cornrow. This braid hairstyle tutorial is very simple. You just need to braid your hair on the sides and bring them back to create a ponytail. Then, use synthetic hair to help you do the ponytail to get 2-strand twist. Thereafter, you will get a secure and stylish cornrow bun hairstyle.Before wrapping up, you can add some shine spray for sheen. Particularly, if you have round or oval face, this hairstyle will look great on you.

Twisted Bun Conrow Styles
  1. Fishtail Braid Cornrow Styles

One of the next recommended cornrow hairstyles is styling your hair to get a fishtail braid. As you look for every side, you will feel how gorgeous yet keep your girly style. This breathtaking hair style was done by parting off your hair into 2 sections left and right. Do braiding the hair on each section. Connect both the braids by braiding them together to get a long fishtail braid. You can add blonde highlights on the braids to enhance your looks. Look! Isn’t the center parting looks great on you, is it?

Fishtail Braid Conrow Styles
  1. Cute Double Buns Cornrow Styles

Want to look cute with your cornrow hairstyles? Well, you should try to get a double buns style. As you grown up, it doesn’t mean you should leave your pigtail days. Here, you can bring them back in a cute way that even can be sport along with your dreadlocks. To get this adorable hair look, you need to part your hair into 4 sections from the front side to the back. Braiding each section. Braiding 2 sections into one braid on each side, twist, and combine them up to get a bun right behind your ear. This hairstyle is surprisingly simple which can do by yourself at home. Try it!

  1. Cornrow Bob Hairstyles

Have a short bob hairstyle? Don’t worry. You still can create great cornrow hairstyles with your bob. Start to braid you medium length hair into small section. On each braided section, tie the tip with small hairband or something similar. To enhance the look, you should try mixing your style by coloring the hair with bright color such as crimson. In this way, you can turn your short bob on fire.

Conrow Bob Hairstyles
  1. Curved Cornrow Buns

You can get an improved cornrow braid style way by curving up the braids. Instead of common straight braids, you should turn them into curves. Bring the curved braids down and tie them together into a low bun. Tying this bun will only take you in minutes. The result, you will look chic yet professional to enhance your pretty looks. Even with this conrow hairstyle, you can go out to any formal event with confidence. You can pair your hairstyle with some gold jewelry or pearly earrings. Before you get ready to go, don’t forget to put some bright red lipstick to complete your fierce look.

  1. Twisted Cornrow Updo Styles

Twisted cornrow updo style helps you to proof that high fashion doesn’t need to be bizarre. Even, it can be done in daily life practice very quickly. Here, you need to create horizontal cornrows that arranged in a gutsy updo. By doing that, you can create a bob cut illusion which helps to enhance your badass looks. Want to bring them into some formal event? Yes, you can do it. You can look how even twisted cornrow hairstyles look stand-out at the event than others.

  1. Cornrow Top Bun Styles

This kind of hairstyle is recommended for ballerinas who going to have recital or athletes who don’t want to be disturbed by their fallen hair strands. As they need to move around actively, so a secure and clean hairstyle like this cornrow top bun style worth to be tried. You can start by braiding from the hairline then go towards the crown. For this point, tying up the braids together into a top bun, so you can create chic yet effortless hairstyle. To enhance you performance looks, you can try to insert some silver beads which help to bling up your cornrow hairstyles.

  1. Cornrow Accented Bun Styles

Instead of common top bun, how about making it into an accented one? The step on making this hairstyle is almost the same with common top bun, but you will need to get the bun done inside the braids. So, don’t twisted the bun, but make it look like a dull cone. You can opt to dust with some silver glitter on them. In this way, you already a complete looks that look adorable for some recital or performance.

  1. Braided Side Ponytail

Another cornrow recommendation is braided side ponytail. This hair braid tutorial is starting by sectioning your hair off. Next, braiding your hair up on one side and bring them back to the crown in slightly curved pattern. Next, pull all your hair into top ponytail. To get a tight curl, you can roll up the ponytail by using flexi-rods or setting foam. After your hair has been dry completely, use shine gloss to comb to side. During a hot summer day, this hairstyle helps you to look stylish and cute without worry getting hot. Those with natural hair and long relaxed one can be easily do this cornrow side ponytail at home.

Braided Side Ponytail
  1. Side-Swept Braids

Don’t let every long hair strand disturb you on hot summer days? If you have long hair, you should try to do this side-swept cornrow. Start by braiding your hair from one front side. Continue braiding them back down to the other side until the hair tip. Unlike common straight or slanted cornrow, this kind of hairstyle sends different vibe of sassiness. When you look on every angle, you will realize how amazing cornrow hairstyles can be.

  1. Elegant Cornrow Styles

Don’t worry to take off your braids when you get an invitation for formal events. There is an elegant cornrow hairstyle that you can try even for full-time working or any hectic schedule. You can braid start from the front side in slightly big section. Continue braiding until the back side to your hair tips. Last, tying up the braids into low tail and bring it to front side above your shoulder. It will look great to enhance your beautiful dress look. Whether you want to go to mall, office, or party, this style out will be loved by everyone.

Elegant Conrow Styles
  1. Side Cornrow Plus Weave Styles

One of hot and charming cornrow hairstyles for red carpet style is side cornrow plus a weave. You need some time to get done one side of hair to be braided in a small section. After done with this part, you need to continue weave the rest of your hair. As you bring the weave above your shoulder on right side, you can show off your cornrow on the left side. This breathtaking hairstyle is even popular among top celebrities during their red carpet show. So, why don’t you try it? Well, though you may need to be more patient to get the hair done.

Side Conrow Plus Weave Styles


Tutorial to Do Cornrows

Well, maybe some of you want to try doing the cornrows at home. However, it might take lots of time for beginners who don’t know the right ways to get it done. Some of them who lost patience mostly will give up before they get the cornrow. To avoid that problem, here is a very simple hair braid tutorial you can do by yourself.

  1. Choose one of cornrow styles above that meet your like.
  2. Starting out by sprinkling some water on your hair. Carefully combing your hair to remove any tangle. Keep your hair a little bit damp but don’t not too wet.
  3. Continue by sectioning the hair. You can use clips or elastics except on the section portion where you want to get start braiding.
  4. Get start with the cornrow by dividing the first section into 3 groups. Don’t afraid to add a little bit of hair as you go along with the braiding.
  5. When you almost reach the end of your hair, don’t forget to secure it with an elastic hair band.
  6. Continue to the next row until you are done with the rest of your hair.

Well, easy, isn’t it? Now, you can get your cornrow hairstyles anywhere everywhere as you want.

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