Cinderella Inspired Hairstyle

I have a classic princess hairstyle for you today. We've done things similar to this style, but I really wanted to actually make a mock-Cinderella hairstyle for you. This is one I had last year before Halloween. I was going to attempt to do a tutorial of all the princesses, and I still might. So this one was shot a very long time ago. But this is a good look for a dress up day, a fancy evening, wedding or prom.

Ideally I would have done this hairstyle a little more on top of my models head, but she has very thick heavy hair, so you need to adjust accordingly. You can control where this style ends up sitting by how high you place your ponytail from the first step. That is pretty much the case always. Higher ponytail will make a higher style, lower at the nape will be lower. So place your ponytail accordingly. And if you have thick, weighty hair don't try to have too high of a hairstyle.

2014 {in review}

In a typical year, at least in the past, I have had tons of styles to choose from for my yearly roundup. That was not the story for 2014. Can you believe I only posted eight new hairstyles the whole year? That's terrible! 2014, was an interesting year for my family. My husband had to go out of town to work and that made me pulling all the weight at home. I of course didn't talk about it much here on my blog until he was home, because I don't like to announce that I was home alone with the four kids. I guess I've always been raised knowing better than to announce vulnerability.

We have only had him officially home for a few months now and we are still working through getting back to normal. And possibly selling our house and moving in 2015 along with so many other things from last years turbulence. However, some of my goals for 2015 is to get back to being a regular hair blogger. This includes putting together some more video's. I don't believe I put out a single video all of 2014. SHOCKER!!!

It sounds like life was rough at the Girly Do household, but it wasn't. We actually grew so much in 2014. And we experienced some amazing things through our challenges. I just made the decision at some point that my kids mental health while dad was out of town trumped everything else. Including the blog. So I didn't sweat it for a while. I know you'd all do the same for your own family if put in that situation. So thank you for understanding.
So with that we will just skip to a tiny review of 2014. These are the hairstyles I put out in 2014. I have a list of styles I had intended to post about 3x this many- LOL. I'm sure most of them have been posted by now by other bloggers on the web, but oh well. If you are needing these tutorials check out the links below. They are listed from top to bottom left to right.

Daenerys Targaryen Inspired Hairstyle
Fishtail Twist Pull Back
Twisted Waterfall Braid 
Wide Braided Headband  

Happy New Year! I have hopes and big plans to make sure that I get much more posted in 2015 than we did in 2014. I still have a few I need to post from the ones I took a bunch of with Beans friends before my carpel tunnel surgery! So I just need to sit down and post them. So watch for those great styles in the next few weeks.

Elsa Inspired Hairstyle

Are you ready for me to sound egotistical and obnoxious? Just kidding. I hate what I am about to say, but it has to be said. When Frozen first came out a lot of people posted tutorials for Elsa's Coronation hairstyle. I looked at them and they were all very nice, but they weren't quit there for me. They were all missing something. So I took a stab at it myself. And this is what I came up with. I'm totally geek about how much this looks how it should translate (in my mind) to looking like Elsa's hairstyle in real life, not animation.

I shot this hairstyle way back in September and I had all the intentions in the world to post it before Halloween, but that just didn't happen. It's a rather lengthy tutorial with lots of pictures. So bare with me. I am going to do my best to translate this hairstyle and break it down for you to recreate.
First you have your partings. You will basically be working with three sections. Start with your part. Make sure it is not centered. I like mine on the right just above the outside part of that eyebrow. Then part to the left going behind the ear down to the neck. This part arches over the head. You can see it a little clearer in the next picture.
You then part off the right side again behind the ear and all the way down to the neck.
Secure the back into a low ponytail. Then ignore your front to sections we will work with those in a moment.
 Lace your ribbon under the rubber band.
Wrap the ponytail in one direction, we twisted clock wise on this one. Then once it is wrapped tight wrap the ribbon around the ponytail like a candy-cane.
You will then twist the hair into a bun in the same direction you twisted the ponytail. Again, this was clockwise for us. Use pins (or bobby-pins) to secure the hair as you work the hair into a bun.
Now we will work that front section on the left into the beautiful side twist. This is VERY EASY! Don't complicate it or over think things. Start by taking a small section from the top closest to the part. And twist it away from the face, or up, or clockwise if you are standing to your models left (where I am standing in the photo).
Start adding in a little more hair as you work the twist back. I add this is a section at a time rather than grabbing hair aimlessly. That way you can get that little extra texture in the twist. I like to keep this twist a little loose especially on top. And work your best to keep the twist going as close to or over the part to hide that back parting line.
The hair should look like this at this point. You just want to twist the hair past the last add in. My model has VERY THICK long hair. So this hairstyle works great on her.
 Now work that twist into the outer most part of your bun. This will build up the bun and be incorporated into the overall style nicely.Use pins or bobby-pins to secure as you wrap.
Now for the final section. and this is a big one. This was the one that made it come together for me and made this style translate to real life for me. This is kind of what I felt like other tutorials were missing. All great tutorials, but missing one key thing in my opinion. You are going to work this style in small sections. You will pick up the section of hair and cross it over the length of the head joining next to the twisted section on the other side.
You'll fold the hair under slightly back toward the start and secure with bobby-pins. Just leave that tail down FOR NOW. Repeat with your next section and the next until you find yourself out of hair and (hopefully) next to the bun.
And once you get to the bottom you are going to have a lot of hair that should be hanging to the left side of that bun in back.
 Smooth that hair down and swing it back to the other side of the bun.
Twist that last little end and stuff it under the bottom of the bun and secure out of sight with a bobby-pin. Stand back and have a look at your finished hairstyle. Doesn't that look amazing.

Here are a few more finished photographs and a few different angles for you. Hairspray this style and be on your way. You look amazing, just like a queen!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate you sharing our work and sharing your work with us on our facebook page or on instagram. I hope you are having a very safe, happy Christmas season. Happy hairdoing!!!

Wide Braided Headband

I was lucky to be doing this cute young ladies hair a few weeks back and she was nice enough to let me take pictures for a tutorial as we did her hair. Some of my favorite people are red heads! I love a beautiful good head of red hair. Much like blonds you can really see the hairstyle a little better than you can in darker hair. This style is no exception. It just looks fantastic on this little cutie.

This tutorial is for a wide headband. If you can do a wide 11 strand braid, great... don't. When you do the wide headband with an 11 strand or bigger braid you end up with your starting spot thin and your finishing side chunky and HUGE and hard to hide. This tutorial is to show you an easier way to do this look and finish it balanced on both sides so that the headband is balanced in the finished look.
We started with clean, dry hair for this style. Brush through the hair to get any snarls out of the way. This little gal has great snarl free hair, super hair to work with. Also let me note that this style has to be done on longer hair like my model. It is not going to work in short hair. You will see why as we finish the tutorial.
Your first braid will be around the perimeter closest to the forehead.I part out a section at the top of the ears. Make sure you have enough hair to work with for braiding. This will be different for thicker or thinner hair.

Start your first braid, a dutch braid, across the head like a headband. If you start on the right side your second braid will start from the opposite or left side. It will be thin to start, but it will thicken up in the right spots. Try to keep your braid as close to the front, forehead, as you can while you braid.
Braid past the end ofter you run out of hair. That won't show at the end, but it will be nice to have to tuck over your other braids.
Part out the next braid and secure the back hair out of the way. With this section I went behind the ear. You don't want to go much farther back than that spot. It stops looking like a headband and starts looking like a hat real fast, This is a headband.
Dutch braid starting on the opposite side you did for your other braid.
Now your hair should look like this. Two braids going opposite directions. We've done this before up to this point in past tutorials, but this is for a wide headband. And there in no better way to make that happen than to cover the parts in the middle and the back for your two dutch braids. Then it will look like a headband and not two braids.
from behind the ear take out a section of hair to braid. I like to braid this standard braid with the hair directed (pulled) over the head so I don't get a bump in the bottom of the braid.
This is a thin braid, so I puffed out some of the braid by pulling out the braids pancaking them just a little.
Then I did it to the dutch braid as well so that it all flows nicely once we put it all together.
Now with one side of the standard braid pull it up and over to cover that middle part. You will secure this with bobby-pins where ever it is needed.
Take the other braid from the other side and cover that back part line.
It should look like this at this point. Now if you want to curl the hair this is a good point before you anchor those braids under the back of the hair. We wanted curly for what we were doing.
Once you've curls or finished you back however you want you will just lift the hair underneath and secure those down braids with bobby-pins. This will make the braid look like it finishes as a headband.... and that was the goal!
And you are left with a super beautiful wide headband that is balanced on both sides. This really is the best way to make a wide headband hairstyle. Make sure non of your bobby-pins can be seen, but use them to your advantage to make sure this is tightly secured. Isn't she just one of the most beautiful girls! This is one of my Beans very best friends and we just adore her! Thanks for letting me do your hair Little Red.

Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant {book review}

A year ago, about this same time, I got a call from one of my best friends telling me her exciting news that she was writing a book. I was thrilled for her! Over the last year I have watched her pour her heart and soul into every detail of this book. This was not just a simple undertaking for her. It meant hours in front of her computer, traveling every other weekend for miles to get to her photographer. Sleepless nights where she'd lay awake envisioning every last detail wanting it to be perfect. I personally think she succeed with that goal.

You know her as Becky from Babes In Hairland. And if you haven't met her yet and seen her work you should definitely check her out. She is very talented.

I was able to see some of the work throughout the process and it was really fun to see it all come together. The photographer she worked with was fantastic. The pictures are superb and the written descriptions are easy to read and follow. I love it. Becky can be very proud of this beautiful book she put together for all of us.

I've often wondered how well a book would do since so many styles are available all over the Internet. To me a tangible book just makes sense. I love books. I haven't given in to the "tablet" book yet because I love turning pages. I probably never will convert to paperless. I love the smell of the pages in a book (old or new). I love the crack of the binding when you are the first person to open a book.  I like having a book in hand. I am old fashioned I guess.

...but enough about me.

What made me know for a fact that this book would be so successful was when I showed it to Beans, my daughter. She looked at it and was able to flip through the pages and see the styles come together. She could point out exactly the styles she wanted to try. It was so much more personal to her. My daughter got excited that she could take the book into her room and try the styles out on her friends by herself. She loves it. It is so convenient. We even tried out one of the super cute styles that Beans was able to choose on her own. She pointed to the steps while we worked through the tutorial and was able to see the style come together in a way she never could from the Internet. This is now one of her favorite styles that we had never tried before, until we saw it in Amazing Hairstyles.
The tutorials you can find in Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant by Becky from Babes in Hairland really do range from easy for everyday to elegant and formal for fancier occasions. The new to hair stylist can learn basics and the more advanced experienced stylist will benefit from new creative ideas. It's easy to follow the step-by-step instruction make successfully completing the style simple.

My favorite part was turning the pages to see real photo's of the instructions and not drawn pictures. All to often hairstyling books fail by trying to explain with complex drawings that I personally can't translate to actual hair. Seeing some of my favorite (familiar) faces was an added bonus too.
Amazon has the book with a preview right now and you can scroll through and see some of the styles that are offered in the book. You can see introductory pages to some of the bonus content you get in the book about haircare, tips, supplies and a sweet introductory message about helping your little ones hold still while you style there hair. Go check it out. I am thrilled with my copy and I would highly suggest this book to anyone. It's beautifully photographed, well written and easy to use. Thank you for writing this book and giving us such a great hairstyling tool. It is fantastic.



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