Easter Hairstyles Idea's

You've got the perfect dress chose out for your little pumpkin for Easter Sunday, but do you have your hairstyle chose yet? We've done hundreds of styles over the past few years that would be great for yourself or your child. I've chose out my favorite nine for you this year. I have included a few simple styles along with some more elaborate styles. All of them have a tutorial to help you accomplish this look for yourself.
Easter is a fun day to get dressed up and look our best. I always love going to church and seeing all the beautiful Spring styles on the little girls. I miss seeing Easter bonnets, but I love seeing a girl with a super adorable hairstyle. Starting with the upper left corner just like reading these are the tutorial links.

I hope you all have a great Easter. That you all get to spend a lot of quality time with the ones that you love. I know I am sure looking forward to spending time with my family and going to church. Its going to be a great day. Happy hair doing.

Prom Styles for Shorter Hair

Its that time of year! Prom is right around the corner for so many teenagers. And the question I have been hearing a lot is about those with the shorter hair. How can they style there hair? Are there styles out there for those with shorter hair? YOU BET! I'd like to share a few idea's with you for styles suited for shorter hair. A few of the images are shown in longer hair, but they can be done in short hair. My goal is to show you the best examples I can. A few of these are images of little girls, but I promise they are worn on much older teens and pair it with the right dress and you are not going to look like a little girl, but a sophisticated young woman. That is the goal... right?

Flash Back Friday

Triangle Curls!!! Do you remember when we originally posted these fun curls back in 2011? This is such a super cute way to curl the hair. It does require a little bit of work on your part though if you remember.

You will need:
A flat iron
Regular weight paper
Hairspray for finishing the look

Gather those two things and come check out the video to do your own triangle curls. While you are over at YouTube checking out this video make sure you are a subscriber. Hope you have a great weekend. Get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Tag your finished triangle curls to #girlydohairstyles for a chance to get a shout out on our Instagram page. Follow us @girlydohairstyles.

Flash Back Friday {Double Twist}

Back in 2009 we did this super cute double twist braid and our followers loved it!!! This is one of the styles that is most pinned from our page. So if you haven't tried it yet it might be time to give it a try. If you have tried it let us know what you think. Is this one of your favorite styles? How often do you use this style? Check out the tutorial from this link. Have a great weekend.

Beach Ready Curls

WITHOUT using sea salt spray. And don't get me wrong. I love my sea salt spray and it does amazing things. But for these curls I really want a smoother finish with out it being overly curly. If you are trying to get the same kind of curl read on. Because I accomplished this look with VERY LITTLE product and super quick.
This is currently my favorite style. I'm sure its because I am ready for beach weather and to be done with the cold. I'm ready for every reason in the world to spend my days outside. Is it summer yet?



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