Cinderella Inspired Hairstyle

I have a classic princess hairstyle for you today. We've done things similar to this style, but I really wanted to actually make a mock-Cinderella hairstyle for you. This is one I had last year before Halloween. I was going to attempt to do a tutorial of all the princesses, and I still might. So this one was shot a very long time ago. But this is a good look for a dress up day, a fancy evening, wedding or prom.

Ideally I would have done this hairstyle a little more on top of my models head, but she has very thick heavy hair, so you need to adjust accordingly. You can control where this style ends up sitting by how high you place your ponytail from the first step. That is pretty much the case always. Higher ponytail will make a higher style, lower at the nape will be lower. So place your ponytail accordingly. And if you have thick, weighty hair don't try to have too high of a hairstyle.

As I said before your first step is to place your ponytail. Smooth the hair back and secure with a good elastic band.
You can tell just how heavy her hair is just looking at that ponytail. I also believe we only got the elastic around twice because her hair is so thick (and lovely). the higher the ponytail the higher the style. I personally would have liked to do this style more on top at the crown, so if you can work with a higher ponytail please do.
You will then be setting your first row of curls. I work one curl at a time with a style like this. Take hair from the top of the ponytail and curl the strand towards the face.
 I always (especially with this length of hair) Start my curl from the base and work my way to the end with my curling iron. It takes a little longer and a little work to master this technique, but it is totally worth it. The curl is better and lasts longer.
 I then use bobby-pins to secure a loop going towards her face.
 I repeat with a curl on the right,
and secure with bobby-pins. It is perfectly fine for some of the curl to hang out. It does not all need to be pinned . As a matter of fact you want to leave a little loose curl down. Then you repeat on the left side with the same steps.
 You should have a style that looks similar to this.
This next part is totally optional. Becuase my model has THICK hair I needed to get ride of a little more hair before I moved on to the back. So I repeated the same process as before taking some hair from the ponytail and curling it towards her face.
I then lift and smooth this curl over the first. This can be used to accomplish two things. First it can help you get ride of bulk if you need to from the back and second it can be used to add even more height and volume to your updo hairstyle.
 Curl some to go over that right side and again on the left.
 Loosely lift the curl over your first secured section,
 and secure. Again it is fine and even flattering to leave some of the curl not pinned under.
Your style might look something like this at this point. Curl the remaining hair that is left in the ponytail. You will use this to bulk up the back into a flattering finished look.
Take these curls in small sections and wrap them around your finger to make a pin-able loop for the back.
 Secure into the style using bobby-pins or hair-pins. I believe we used hairpins to make sure they could be loose and not pull the back curls too tight.
Make sure to pin some of the curls to the side like a pin-curl because that is always a beautiful way to finish an updo look and not loose the beautiful style element in this design.
At this point you should have a beautiful curly back bun hairstyle. That can be finished or accented with beautiful hair accessories, depending on the occasion.
Because at the time we were going for making this style like Cinderella we put in a beautiful blue ribbon. I think a sleek ribbon looks great in this style. I think a metal flower headband would also be adorable! There are lots of ways to finish this style.
And don't those loose curls on the side look so cute. I love leaving a little bit of this style loose and bouncy. Not every style needs to be tight and unmovable.

If this style is done more on top of the head you will see how we finished to front looks exactly like Cinderella's famous sleek bun at the ball. But we finish our back in a way that really makes this style pop.

Happy hair-doing and have a great weekend! 


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