Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant {book review}

A year ago, about this same time, I got a call from one of my best friends telling me her exciting news that she was writing a book. I was thrilled for her! Over the last year I have watched her pour her heart and soul into every detail of this book. This was not just a simple undertaking for her. It meant hours in front of her computer, traveling every other weekend for miles to get to her photographer. Sleepless nights where she'd lay awake envisioning every last detail wanting it to be perfect. I personally think she succeed with that goal.

You know her as Becky from Babes In Hairland. And if you haven't met her yet and seen her work you should definitely check her out. She is very talented.

I was able to see some of the work throughout the process and it was really fun to see it all come together. The photographer she worked with was fantastic. The pictures are superb and the written descriptions are easy to read and follow. I love it. Becky can be very proud of this beautiful book she put together for all of us.

I've often wondered how well a book would do since so many styles are available all over the Internet. To me a tangible book just makes sense. I love books. I haven't given in to the "tablet" book yet because I love turning pages. I probably never will convert to paperless. I love the smell of the pages in a book (old or new). I love the crack of the binding when you are the first person to open a book.  I like having a book in hand. I am old fashioned I guess.

...but enough about me.

What made me know for a fact that this book would be so successful was when I showed it to Beans, my daughter. She looked at it and was able to flip through the pages and see the styles come together. She could point out exactly the styles she wanted to try. It was so much more personal to her. My daughter got excited that she could take the book into her room and try the styles out on her friends by herself. She loves it. It is so convenient. We even tried out one of the super cute styles that Beans was able to choose on her own. She pointed to the steps while we worked through the tutorial and was able to see the style come together in a way she never could from the Internet. This is now one of her favorite styles that we had never tried before, until we saw it in Amazing Hairstyles.
The tutorials you can find in Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant by Becky from Babes in Hairland really do range from easy for everyday to elegant and formal for fancier occasions. The new to hair stylist can learn basics and the more advanced experienced stylist will benefit from new creative ideas. It's easy to follow the step-by-step instruction make successfully completing the style simple.

My favorite part was turning the pages to see real photo's of the instructions and not drawn pictures. All to often hairstyling books fail by trying to explain with complex drawings that I personally can't translate to actual hair. Seeing some of my favorite (familiar) faces was an added bonus too.
Amazon has the book with a preview right now and you can scroll through and see some of the styles that are offered in the book. You can see introductory pages to some of the bonus content you get in the book about haircare, tips, supplies and a sweet introductory message about helping your little ones hold still while you style there hair. Go check it out. I am thrilled with my copy and I would highly suggest this book to anyone. It's beautifully photographed, well written and easy to use. Thank you for writing this book and giving us such a great hairstyling tool. It is fantastic.


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  2. I tried to comment the other day after you posted this, but something was acting weird. Jenn - thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to review our book - especially with all you've had going on. You're support means the world to me and I'm even happier that Beans likes the book too! Thank you thank you! :)


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