Fun With Braids

The last few weeks Beans has been asking for micro-braids. Not that these are super micro, but they are super adorable.The first one we accomplished the wavy look with a three prong curling iron. We just clamped it in a few select spots since we didn't want it all wavy. This is Beans current favorite hairstyle. She was considering it for picture day.  And its been a great one for while she is letting her hair grown out.
When Beans went in for surgery on her mouth last week we decided to do this fun braid all the way across the top of her head. This kept the hair out of her way while they did surgery. And it was fantastic for recovery. She liked this one, but not nearly as much as the top hairstyle.
She wants the next time we do this for us to do the side style like in the top photo, but with the "X" worked into the side. I think I can do that for her. Have you tried this style before? Does your little one, or you, totally love this style? It's been a few years since we have done this, but it's coming back into style.

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