Ladder Waterfall Style (For Short or Long Hair)

 I am sure hoping everyone out there is having a great summer. Despite bee drama we are having a blast this summer. I'm a little shocked to say that we are only a month away from school starting back up again. It feels like this summer has been going so very quickly.

Thank you so much earlier this week for the love and support you all showed me with my bee sting last week. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of you and your very kind hearts and words. Thank you.

Now we have a new super cute fun hairstyle for all of you that is done in Beans short hair. However, this style is going to be totally fabulous on any length of hair. When you have short hair the part you work with is all that stuff on top, you don't get a lot of styles in the back, but you aren't missing much. By doing the style up top you are almost guaranteed to end with a nicely balanced style.
We are calling this style a Ladder Waterfall Hairstyle since it incorporates both into the finished look. I don't do a step by step on the waterfall braid since I already have a great tutorial and video done. So make sure and go refresh with this post if you aren't familiar with this type of braiding.

Once you have done that come back and lets go through the step-by-step on achieving the same look we've done in the photo above. Scroll down to see the full tutorial.

Starting out you will do your first waterfall braid that is directly on top of the head with the falling pieces to the opposite side you usually part on.
Flip the fallen pieces out of the way momentarily and pull back a section of hair towards the back. Secure for now, but we will release this section after the bottom braid is finished.
You will now be braiding below that secured section. When you add hair in from the top you will take from the top waterfall pieces you left out.
 You will continue this process all the way back. You don't leave any hair out on the bottom braid. This is just a standard braid. That way it will hold tight. This is very important with short hair. Because you aren't going to have the weight when you get down this far and it will be too loose.
 Once you have added in all the pieces you can secure this last braid. If you want to use that elastic from the middle pulled back section you can. Because it's time to let that section go so it just hangs and becomes part of the style.
This is how the ladder side looks. The other side is simple a single waterfall braid that will go back and end at the same spot these braids finish. This will balance the hairstyle and be a really fun finished look.
This is a top view of this style. We went back in and added a little more curl and texture to her hair because sometimes texture is just the right thing to do.It looks cute straight also, but this made it look darling and on an older girl or woman I would even say elegant.
 Here are a few more angles and views of this super fabulous Ladder Waterfall Hairstyle.

We would love to see your take on this hairstyle. So either post it to our Facebook page or pin us/hashtag us in Instagram or Twitter. I'm thinking we need to do some extra shares on Instagram of this style over the next week also, so if you want a shout out on Instagram use our hashtag #girlydohairstyles and we will try and give you a shout out. Don't you just love this super cute style?


  1. So cute. Until you told me about your bee sting stuff I hadn't seen anything online. Apparently I'm out of it these days! Love how you did this style on her. I'll have to try it on Bee now that her hair is shorter!

  2. Very cute! Beans looks so grown up!

  3. Cute hairstyle. But when will see you on You Tube again?


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