Bee's Knees

I actually don't think Bee's have knees, but I know for a fact they have stingers. For those who have followed us for years you have not been a stranger to my very severe honey bee allergy. This summer we took it to all new levels!

Beans got stung by one this last week and we got the stinger out. I touched the stinger, but thought nothing of it since it hadn't actually stung me. Within an hour I had hives starting on the insides of my arms. By the next morning I had them covering my arms, around my hairline and starting on the backs of my legs. By that second night I was struggling to breath and was now covered in very itchy hives that felt like my skin was trying to escape my bones. After a night of sleeplessness and struggle to breath I went in to my doctor. It was then that we decided it had to be a slow onset of my bee sting allergy. CRAZY.... right?

It has taken a week of steroids, oatmeal baths, longs pants in the summer time, but I finally feel like I am getting back to relatively feeling normal. I have sores all up and down my legs from itching and around my hairline, but they are healing fast. I have only two more days on the steroids. I think things are looking up for me. I will be really thrilled when I feel safe to shave my legs again! (TMI)

Anyways... with that behind us. Beans and I shot a new tutorial that I just need to get edited and posted. I don't have a sneak peak for you, but we like it. Simple, but awesome. She still has her short hair. Watch for that hopefully later this week if all keeps moving forward so well.

Thanks for all the love and support you guys have always shown us. We love you.


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