Which One Wednesday

Beans is so excited that we can finally pull her hair back into little piggy-tails. And she is taking total advantage of that this summer already. LOVES THEM, so today we are sharing a few of our favorite pigtail hairstyles.
Pigtails are so fun! As you can tell we are big fans. And if you look around out site you are likely to find so very many more. But for today we are asking which one of these three is your favorite?

Number one is a Double Knot Pigtail Braid. I love how this adds something totally unique to the pigtails. And it makes it so much more than just two ponytails that go by the name pigtails. Its always fun to dress up any hairstyle with beautiful braids.

The second one is just a way of doing pigtails with just part of the hair and leaving some of the hair still down. This one we have dubbed as Cris-Cross Braid Pigtails. This one is super simple and looks delicate. This one is one of my favorites especially for church.

Third is our fun way of doing Messy Buns. I think messy buns are my all time favorite when it comes to pigtails. They make every style just a little more sassy and fun.

Last week I totally forgot to post our W.O.W. post on Instagram, and on Facebook it was almost too close to call a clear winning favorite. I think it was numbers two and three that were in the lead when I last looked. All four were super super favorites last week for me. I couldn't have made a choice either on a favorite.


  1. Wow There’s something deeper going on in this methods, thanks buddy..


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