Which one Wednesday?

Hello again. Happy Summer vacation to all of you. I know there are still some of you that are in school, probably finishing up before Summer vacation, but at our house we are in Summer vacation mode! And loving it.

Since it is slowing down for us Beans and I are going to do a few new tutorials for you over the summer. Beans has been worried I was giving up on Girly Do's for the last few months, but I really just needed a breather. Life is crazy busy around here and economical issues have hit us rather hard. It makes it really hard to keep up on hobbies like hairstyling when life gets so busy. But we love doing Girly Do's, so while life is slowing down a bit we will be putting together some fun stuff for all of you.

This Wednesday though we are doing another WHICH ONE (is your favorite) WEDNESDAY post. I love love LOVE this group of styles I pulled together today. We are looking at ribbon styles. Which ribbon style is your favorite. I had to do this one out of four styles. I just couldn't eliminate any of these. I have lots of ribbon styles on my site. So this was a hard one for me.I could have done our ribbon braid we had in two weeks ago, but I thought we'd give the other styles a chance.
The first style and the fourth style are very similar, but the first style is the simplified version of number four. And obviously we used it totally different than we did in number four. Its a Simplified Corset especially for those who can not French braid. If you can do a three stand braid this is the one for you.

Number two is one of my favorite styles. I've actually seen this one out at a mall once after I posted it and I knew where she got the idea from. I wanted to walk up to her and just hug her because when I originally did this style I was afraid it looked to intimidating! Its time consuming, but not as hard as it looks. This one is great. The tutorial can be found here.

Number three is another one I love. The ribbon in this one just adds an extra fun pop to this updo that makes it super charming and elegant. This is one I made for a fan years ago. This tutorial can be found at this link.

One of my first tutorials was doing a corset in hair. It was one I posted within the first ten posts I ever posted on Girly Do Hairstyle, so it will always be one of my favorites. This photo and tutorial link it to when I made a video to help out with this hairstyle. But this is our French Braided Corset Hairstyle.

With this posted... which one is your favorite?

The last Which One Wednesday post was a tie between two and three. It was two by a landslide on Instagram, but three had the majority on Facebook. I love to hear from you and get your thoughts and hear which ones are your favorite styles. Have a great week.

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