Independence Day

Independence Day is next week... is that for real??? I can not get over how quickly time passes by. I'm lucky because we always follow the same tradition for the Fourth of July celebration. Its always spending the day outside at the golf course by our house and then watching fireworks at the same place. We've been going there for years and we love the atmosphere and celebrations.

This last week we were on a really fun road trip. We traveled by car over 1000 miles to North Dakota. I was seriously impressed by all the beauty along our way.One place we stopped was Mount Rushmore. I was so happy we made that part of our road trip. I think the feeling you get while at the Mount Rushmore monument is a great sense of pride in our country. My kids were the ones who initiated going to see it while on our road trip, so I am very grateful that they can say they have seen it in there life time. My mother-in-law was actually born in South Dakota.
We got to do some really fun things while on our road trip. I am grateful for this beautiful country we live in and for the freedom my family is blessed with. I am grateful for the military  and there amazing dedication and hard work to retain our freedom. I'm thankful that I have the freedom to worship how I see fit. I am grateful for my family and my friends and for all of you. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday next week.

If you are looking for a fun hairstyle for the fourth we have only a few. I often lean on using accessories more than shapes in my hairstyles, but a few years back we came up with these two (posted above). The first is just a ribbon braid back into a ponytail and it was one we used for the fourth back in 2010. The second is our Star Braid. We posted this one back in 2009 and I did a backwards tutorial for this one. I shot the pictures of us taking this hairstyle out to show you how we did this one.

Happy Independence Day!!!

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