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It's getting to that time of year again where ponytails are almost a must. When it starts getting hot my go to, cool down style is to get my hair off my neck into a ponytail. So knowing a few good ponytails is important. Because we obviously don't settle on mediocre around here.

These are three of my all time favorite tutorials that we have done around here. I have my favorite (of the three) , but I want to know which one is your favorite. Please leave me a comment. Last week the clear favorite between votes here (in comments), Instagram (@girlydohairstyles) and on Facebook was style number two, our Ladder Braid.

First we have our Super High Cheerleader Ponytail. This is a way to have that high ponytail and make sure it looks nice and full. I also chose this one because I look for almost any opportunity to throw the Red Sox into a post. (Go Sox!!!)

Number two was one we used for the Forth of July back in 2010. We used our ribbon braid to make this one super fancy. Its a lower ponytail, but it gets the job done. Find this tutorial here.

And the third one to choose from is our Got Time hairstyle. The first time I did this one it seemed like it took a long time to do, but as I have done it multiple times through the years it has got very easy. Its no longer one I need a lot of time to make happen. So practice this one and you can be fast with this one too.

So lets have it. Which one is your favorite this Wednesday?

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