Which One Wednesday?

Hello again. Today I don't plan on getting ahead of myself and calling a Tuesday is a Wednesday like last week. LOL. I love that I am the type of person who can totally laugh at myself. Life wouldn't be fun if I let every little thing get my goat.

This week for our Which one Wednesday I have pulled together some of my favorite non-traditional braids. These are some of the braids we have don't that aren't your standard French or dutch braid. We've done hundreds of styles here at Girly Do's and we love all braids. So this was a hard one to just choose three. I think we have three good ones to compete.

Number one is the Double Twist Braid. This one is so pretty. Its easy and looks amazing! You really can't go wrong with this style. For a very long time this one was in our top five most viewed styles. Its only recently been bumped out. (See the right side bar for list of top viewed styles.) This tutorial can be found here.

Number two is our ladder braid. I think this one intimidated people. I have only seen this one recreated a very small number of times. It does take some practice, but if you are wanting something unique that not many people are going to be wearing this one is a winner! I'll be honest, it is hard until you figure it out. Then with some practice you can get it as smooth as mine. Keep practicing. Use our tutorial and make this pretty braid your own.

The third one is Wishbone Braiding. This is a Fishtail or Fish-bone braid that you add hair in every couple of inches down the braid. It gives a different over all look and feel to the braid. I love this one and I have never felt like it has got the attention it deserves. I am kind of cheering for the underdog in this competition which would totally be number three. Check out this ones tutorial.

I love all the votes and comments on Facebook and on Instagram, but if you could take an extra minute to comment here I'd really love it. You guys are the best. I hope you are having a great week. We now just have a few more days until its the weekend! Yeah! Happy hair-doing.


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