Which One Wednesday

So I have been trying to think of something new while I am trying to sort through some of my personal issues like time management and switching my blog over to a better format issues, so I came up with (drum roll, please) Which one Wednesday. This is going to happen every Wednesday where I will put a few of my own styles with a similar theme up against each other to see which one is your favorite. I will of course share links to the tutorials for you as well. This week we are featuring a few of our older bun styles against each other and want to know WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE?
So, one, two or three? Which one is your favorite? Number one is our Big Beautiful Flower Bun Hairstyle. We've actually done two tutorials on this one. We have our first one that just features picture step-by-step instructions. And our second one we made a video for this style. This one is one of our most favorites styles on Pinterest and on Facebook, so I think this one will be a tough one to beat.

I think I chose some good competition for it though with our Loopy Bun Hairstyle. I seriously look back and think the names I chose for some of these styles must have been during some major sleep deprivation. This one really is very charming though, don't let the name fool you. The tutorial can be found here.

And your last option is this style we did with colored elastics. I've had people share this style on girls prom age with beautiful elastics that match there dress and some that placed a gem on each intersection making this a very elegant style. Never underestimate how beautiful you can fancy a simple style like this up. This one will also be good competition for the other two. This tutorial can be found here with a great video for smoothing out your starting ponytail that you should watch for all three styles to look there very best.

So which one is your favorite? I can't wait to see which style takes the lead on this one.


  1. I guess it depend on whether we are judging by which one we think looks best or by which one we are more likely to attempt (for me, that would be which is easiest)! :) I think I'm most likely to try #1.

    I always love all of your hairstyles! Thanks for all your work!

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  3. I love number 2! It is so pretty!


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