Flash Back Friday {Flowers}

One of my favorite styles for spring is, was and always will be flowers made from your own hair. This is also one of our highest viewed video's on YouTube. (See the video here.) This one can totally be used in little girl hair, teen hair and I could even see this really being a fun little addition to a brides hair for her wedding in an updo. I love these fun little flowers. Check out our tutorial here and you can see the video above also.

Now on to some other business. I've been asked a lot lately about why we haven't been posting new tutorials. People have wondered what is going on around Girly Do's. Where have Beans and Jenn been? We recently have been working on a difficult balancing act between school and extra activities. Girly Do's is very important to us and we will get things balanced out, please stick with us we have so many great things in store for our friends from Girly Do Hairstyles. We just need to get a balance on life. Beans definitely doesn't want to quit blogging anytime soon. She wants to eventually take over the site as her own. So it's nothing we want to quit. We just need a few more hours every day to get it all done. Thank you so much for sticking with us through the hard times. And I promise a fuller explanation once waters settle around here.

Have a great weekends and happy hair doing!!!

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