Drag Braid Headband

Maybe I am all wrong with the name I chose for this one. I had a really hard time naming this one, so if you can think of a better one for me I'd be so thankful. When it comes to doing hair I think the naming of these styles can be the hardest part.
Today I have a cute way of wearing your hair in what looks like a headband made out of your own cute hair! How about that? We first did this hairstyle during our 100 Days of Hair on Beans. I promised a video and we finally have one for you featuring this cute style.

I updated all of those old hairstyles with missing links to this post. So hopefully if you were looking for this style you have found it and can use it and love it. Make sure you use the hashtag #girlydohairstyles on Instagram and on Twitter so we can see your cute styles and maybe even feature your work on our page. You all (my readers) are so talented. We love seeing what you are working on, so weather its our style or not we'd love for you to share with us.
This is the first video I have shot on a mannequin rather than on Beans. As you know we cut Beans hair super short, so we can't exactly do very many tutorials using her for the time being. I hope you are okay with it being on a mannequin head. I think the video actually turned out really well. I was able to get the camera closer and not worry about my model moving up and down. It was kind of a nice change.You're opinion means a lot to me though and I'd love to hear what you think about the video. So check it out, enjoy.

I'm also including the picture step by step of this tutorial as a little refresher for you to look at if you need to. Hopefully my explanations are clear enough for you to understand.
1-- Start by parting off the top section of the hair. I like to go from the middle of the eye back on both sides to center the hair I am not working with on this style. Clip this section of hair out of your way.
2-- You will start the braid on the left side of the head. Direct your braid to be up at the top by the parted section.
3-- Start your braid and when you are at the top of the head you will take a small section out of the braid (lay it across the top of the head) and pick up a very small section of hair to add in.
4-- Repeat these steps taking thin slices from the bottom to add in.
5-- Once you finish the first side ti should look like the photo in number five. All you have left is going to the other side and finishing the second braid.
6-- This is how it should look from the other side. You can use a clip to keep those cross over hairs out of your way if needed, otherwise just start working around them.
7-- THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP on this side is that you start it right. You add that first cross over hair in BEFORE YOU START YOUR BRAID!!! I can't stress this enough. It will start to look like its lopsided or crooked if you do this wrong. So add that first section in THEN start your braid. You will add cross over hairs in on the top with no other hair and take small slices (like before) for your the bottom part of your braid.
8-- remove that clip that was holding your crown section and your style is done. You could have backcombed this section before you started for more volume in the finished style.
9-- Look at the beautiful style you created. Nicely done!

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  1. I love it! I wish I would've seen this before struggling with my daughter's hair for picture day today.

    Ooooh, I just had an idea. What if you left out a section at the front (bang area) and then after the braiding, you did a basket weave through the sections across the head. Not sure if you can picture what I'm saying, but it looks cute in my head, lol.

    1. I thought that same thing and was going to try it today while this style is still in my mannequin. Such a great idea.

  2. It's really amazing hair style . It's looks different than all . I want to try this one . I think it should be critical to me but i should try .
    Thanks for this Beautiful post .

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