Beach Ready Curls

WITHOUT using sea salt spray. And don't get me wrong. I love my sea salt spray and it does amazing things. But for these curls I really want a smoother finish with out it being overly curly. If you are trying to get the same kind of curl read on. Because I accomplished this look with VERY LITTLE product and super quick.
This is currently my favorite style. I'm sure its because I am ready for beach weather and to be done with the cold. I'm ready for every reason in the world to spend my days outside. Is it summer yet?

To achieve this style you will need just a few things. A diffuser for your blow-drier is a must. The curling-iron of your choice. My tool of choice is a 1.75" barrel curling iron. This has been my favorite size curling iron since my senior year in high school. I've favored this size for a very long time.
I started out with my hair wet. It had started to dry a little from gathering things to shoot this tutorial, but its wet. This style will work best if you have a little curl. I have some texture and wave to my hair and that helps a lot for this style. The underneath back part of my hair is super curly. It drives me a little batty.
You will then add your styling products. I ONLY used some argon oil. And just the smallest amount. My reason for using this was just to smooth the cuticle and contain fly-away and split ends in the finished style. If you use a moose or jell you can apply them now. HOWEVER if you are attempting to have the beach look the last thing you want is to have crisp hair from product. The defining characteristic to beach hair is a natural finished look. Keep that in mind.
Time to pull out your diffuser. I had to post this picture of my OLD diffuser. My sister and I got this when I was in freshman and she was a senior. This trusty tool is so old it was still made in the USA and not overseas. I wonder if they are still USA made... Anyways. I love my diffuser.
Flip your head upside down and scrunch your hair as you dry it with the diffuser. Dry it until it is completely dry.
At this point you will have a kind of wavy undefined style. Its time to make it look like you HAVE a style and aren't just trying to fake one. At this point you are going to use your curling iron to take out some chunks throughout the hair and give them A MORE DEFINITE curl pattern. You can clip up the top and choose a few chunks (of all sizes) from underneath and work your way up or if you don't want a lot of added volume (if you have very thick hair like me) you can just grab a few sections on top and curl the hair.
***HERE'S THE TRICK/SECRET*** to keeping the style to be more natural and have that beach texture you are trying to get. NO NOT CURL TO THE END. You are only curling the mid shaft of the hair on every piece you pick up. Do a few different lengths all over the head. Some closer to the ends and some more near the top. NEVER CURLING THE ENDS. Look at the picture above on the left if you need a visual of me saying to NOT CURL THE ENDS. This is the secret!
You are going to end up with a different type of curl depending on the size of your curling iron. As I mentioned before mine is a 1.75" barrel. This is my cheep curling iron I use at home, not the one I use at the salon, but I need to get me one this size at the salon.
I honestly have a totally new respect for anyone who has ever shot a tutorial using themselves as the model. IT IS NOT EASY.  But I know a lot of you wanted a tutorial for how I curl my hair and hopefully this helps. Bring on the Summer. I've got my beach or natural looking curly hair in order and ready to soak up some sun. Happy hair doing.
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  1. So impressed that you got that done with a camera in your hand! Love the curls.

    1. agree on you, this is really very cute but easy hairstyles..

  2. I love this look! Thanks for taking the time to post it, I'm anxious to give this a try on my hair! :-)


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