Week 23 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

We did it!!! This year was so much easier than last year because of Instagram (@girlydohairstyles). That really made life so much easier. We repeated only a few of the styles and it was mostly just on days she wanted her hair worn down. This year we have a lot of options to look back on. I am working on the big round up post for you all. This has been so fun!

Day 99-- Bantu Knots are always a winner. The curls they create are so intense we always have to weigh them down with a little water to make them not so big on Beans. 
Day 100-- I was actually not sure what we wanted to do for the 100th day, but I figured it out while sleeping the night before. We haven't done Bows in a while, so it just made sense. Check out our tutorial we did that has an approach to make this one more simple than other tutorials out there.

Watch in the next day or two for the 100 day round up. And make sure and leave some comment love. Thank you!!!


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  2. I love both! Day 99 , what kind of braid did you use in the middle? My curly haired girls would love a style like that. Im doubtful the bowstyle would work for them, Im kinda jealous of the straight haired girls every time i see a bow style like that! It is sooo adorable!


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