Week 22 {#girlydos100daysofhair}

It is the second to last week before we are officially done with this years 100 Days of Hair! Can you even believe it? We are really excited for this. Its been a lot of fun, but as you can imagine it is A LOT of hard work to make sure and get Beans picture before school every day.

This week we got a little more daring and experimented a little more with Beans hair. I think that's what it comes down to for everyone. If you are bored with your style... experiment a little. Have fun with your hair and see what you can come up with.

 Day 94-- We did a braid just on one side of her head starting about at the point of her part. From this angle it looks like it might go all the way, but it doesn't.
 Day 95-- I still need to get this tutorial shot for you guys. I'm sorry I haven't done it yet. Have you tried this one without a tutorial yet? How did it work out for you? ***UPDATED with pictures and a video.
 Day 96-- Apparently its been kind of a headband out of hair week. Because we did the All The Way Braided Headband version today. This was very cute.
Day 97-- Just down today. Nothing to big, but Beans wanted it just down, so that was what we did.
Day 98-- A row of knows felt right today. Don't you just love these? They look amazing in hair of all lengths. I have two tutorials we've done for this one. The first and the second. The first is picture step-by-step instructions and the second is a video.

See you back next week for our 100th day!!! I'm very excited to see what we do for the last two days. Aren't you?

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