Valentines Day {Sharing the Love}

 Have I told you lately that I love you? If not I should. You (readers) have made the last several years so fun for Beans and I. We have had such a great time sharing with you some of our favorite hairstyles and you have in turn shared us with your friends. We have had a lot of fun. THANK YOU!!! And happy L♥VE DAY!!! These are a few of the heart hairstyles we have done over the last few years. From left to right, top to bottom we have (our favorite) Heart Down Hairstyle (And the Video link), The Double Heart Ponytail Braid, Our Love Day Ribbon Braid, The No-Braider Triple Braid and Our Big Heart Valentines Day Braid.

There are some really cute ones to choose from and I have seen so many other cute ones popping up for Valentines Day. Cute Girls Hairstyles has a beautiful Rope-Braided Heart. The 3-D Heart Braid by Abellas Braids is amazing! I love The Heart Braid that Babes in Hairland did last year. And The Quick Easy Braid Heart Ponytail from The Story of  Princess and her hair is a great go to Valentines day style also. Just to give you a few more ideas.

I have one more thing to share with you for Valentines Day. I made myself a printable decoration to go in an 8x10 frame for Valentines day. I think its so cute up on my coat rack shelf that I thought you might like to download it and print it too. So click it save it and print it up for your own 8x10 cute decoration and have a Happy Valentines Day.
Here's how mine looks, isn't it cute? Makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside doesn't it?


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  2. so cute and lovely hairstyles.Looking so cool and awesome hairstyles for valentines day.Really great effort for valentines day hairstyles 2014 .


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