The Stolen Photo Post

1- This one is our Flower Bun I also did a video for this one a little while ago. You can see the video here.
2. I originally called this one Got Time because it takes a bit of time. Its an easy one though. Pull it into a bun instead of a ponytail so you can see the bands go all the way around.
3. This one is from Hairstyles For Girls. It is her Fishtail (or Fishbone) Braid Hairstyle... with a Twist. 
4. Our Chevron Twists have been a huge hit since we originally posted this tutorial. 
5.This one is from Hairstyles For Girls also. We think it is a fan photo, but the tutorial looks like it is from Kori. So check out her Triple Heart Style.(Thanks to the friend who sent me this link.)
6. This one also came from our site it is our Double Twist Hairstyle
7. and 8. are from the same tutorial it was a two styles with one start post. I've actually seen this one being posted a ton on Pinterest. So I am betting this is going to be a huge one for prom this year. Check out the tutorial for both here.  
9. This was from a guest post on our blog from Suzanna. Its her perfect Messy Bun tutorial

Hopefully this helps out thousands that have seen this photo posted (with our watermarks removed) to find the tutorials to all these great styles. If you see this posted anywhere other than with the link to this post please do me a favor and share this link so those following can find the links to the tutorials. A lot of these styles are rather intricate and people could really use a tutorial to figure them out. Thank you for helping them find the tutorials they are looking for.


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  2. has the picture

    1. Thank you I linked this post in the comments and of course that started deleting my link---Grrrr! Makes me so mad.

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  5. I seen your post on Facebook below the stolen link. You truly deserve credit for your hard work. I will help spread the truth. You are truly talented!


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