One Hundred Days of Hair (Year 2)

Year two of our 100 days of hair is DONE!!! Can you believe how many DIFFERENT styles we created this year. Last year I used a lot of the same styles, but last year was about trying to show you what styles we used most at our house. This year we were really trying to show you that there are a lot of hair options out there. Even for short hair. You have great options.

The hardest days for us were the days we had early doctors appointments or Wednesdays when my son has early morning viola practice. On those days I often had to do my easiest styles. And I had to go with what Beans wanted a lot of the time. She is becoming a very independent stylist young lady. 

I'm not sure if we will do 100 days of hair again next year. Its up to Beans and your comments usually help her decide that she wants to do hard things like taking pictures of her hair every day for 100 days. So please make sure and leave your comments.

I know I don't have all the tutorials shot yet, but if you are looking for a specific one you can see if I have them linked in the weekly round up. Look below and click on the week to be taken to that set of pictures and the round up post. There is really only one or two that aren't in there. So scroll down and click on the ones you need to. Thanks again for making this so much fun for us.


  1. Nice tutorial about hairstyles consist on 100 days.I really like this information so much.You have shared so amazing information here .Like also medium hairstyles 2014 for latest medium haircuts .

  2. My three year old loves looking at a week and picking a hairstyle for the day. It's so nice to get out of the rut of one ponytail or two pony tails! I especially appreciate that the styles are appropriate for little ones. Even as Beans moves into more mature styles, with just a little tweaking, we can make it right for my daughter. Thanks for giving my daughter and I a chance to enjoy this time together each morning instead of just seeing it as a chore.


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