Flash Back Friday {Double Weave Climber Headband}

I just adore this style we did some time ago (Five years ago actually!). And I never feel like it got the attention it deserves. Maybe this photo technique I was playing with at the time was a turn off, or maybe you just couldn't see how amazing this style really is. Maybe it even looked intimidating. Well whatever the reason you might not have tried this style yet I think you should give it a try. Its beyond amazing. Check out the tutorial and more pictures following this link back to our Crazy or Cute Hairstyle post from February 2009.

If you try this one can you do me a favor and send me a photo on our Facebook page or hash tag us on Instagram at #GDHClimberHeadband I'd like to share maybe a few more pictures with my readers of this style. Thanks for helping me out. You all are the BEST!!!

1 comment:

  1. Gotta look through my old phone but think I may have a pic of trying this, accentuate trying..happy Easter!!


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