Week 21 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

Yes. I am behind on posting this. I wasn't expecting Friday to be so busy with my son having his wisdom teeth taken out, but it was. This whole weekend ended up being very busy. Thank you for being so understanding.

I think it was a great hair week. Every day her hair looked so cute. I love her hairstyle being short. She looks so grown up these days. I think of the whole week my favorite might be day 93. I am planning on posting a tutorial for how we are curling her hair now that it is short in the next few weeks. 

Day 91-- Straight and sassy. Beans is so cute with her hair down now that it is short. I have a much easier time letting her wear it down now that it is short. She looks so darling.

Day 92-- Lots of you wanted to know how we do our waterfall braid, so here is our tutorial. If you have a hard time with it staying in use a little moose before you dry her hair. It will give it a little more stick-factor. I am currently just doing it on the one side. I like how it looks like this.

Day 93-- CURLS! I really love how adding curls can change the whole look of this cut. This tutorial will be coming very soon. Curls in short hair, I love this.

We are now less than ten days away with being finished with this 100 days of hair. I really hope you have all enjoyed this. Follow us on Instagram please. Our user name is @girlydohairstyles. Pretty easy one don't you think.

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