Week 20 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

Such a pretty hair week. And **Surprise** I've been cutting (lots) more bob's at the salon this week. I think we are going to see a bob trend very soon. Short is what is in style! Beans still loves her short hair. I'm not sure she'll ever go back to long hair. And we are finding lots of cute styles that still work in her hair at this length too.

Day 86-- Straight hair day. I love her style.
Day 87-- Just a little braid on top. We've done this style a lot this last year. Its adorable. I don't like this style when you do it as a dutch braid, but the standard French braid is perfect.
 Day 88-- We had done her hair curly on Sunday for church and I loved it!!! So we had to do her hair curly again this week to share the cute style with everyone. Short hair can still be curly and super cute! We also did side twist on her hair. This is one of our most viewed tutorials.
 Day 89-- Just a braid in her fringe area. It still had a little curl from the day before, but it wasn't nearly as curly on day 89.
Day 90-- Beans wanted her hair just down and simple today. She's growing up so fast. Its really been fun to watch her style change and watch her as she has grown up her on Girly Do's.

Just ten more days left in out 100 Days Of Hair. Hopefully you are following us on Instagram and watching all these styles. Follow us at @girlydohairstyles. Thanks and have a great weekend.


  1. While I will always have long hair myself, I really like what you've done this week -- it's nice to see how much you can do with a shorter hairstyle.

  2. Im so glad i atumbled on your blog (from princessHairstyles) . Your daughter is the cutest thing, she is more stylin than all my 20 something year old friends and relatives. Love her style!


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