Week 19 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

I'm just going to say it... I love Beans short hair! She did tell me the other day that she (kind of) missed it long. She wanted a bun in her hair and I had to tell her that wasn't going to happen. For now anyways. A lot of people think short hair is better and say it is wash-and-wear or low-maintenance... I beg-to-differ. I think short hair usually requires more work to look its best. Its probably just my opinion, but short hair really doesn't do wash and wear nicely.

This week we did a few more cute styles in Beans hair. My personal favorite from this week was the waterfall braid. We started doing her hair like this the first time we cut it short and it really is just such a cute short hairstyle.  

 Day 81-- Just clips! We've had some cute Finn and Jake Adventure time clips hanging around that Beans loves. So she has been wearing them. However, her hair is so straight that they slide down really easily. Kind of a bummer.
Day 82-- We did the braid just on the one side of her head and secured it with an elastic. The Waterfall Braid tutorial can be found here. Her curls looked great on this day too.
Day 83-- Beans had her own style in mind of just a very tiny MICRO-ponytail just in the fringe of her hair. She loved everything about this style. It gave me a few ideas of how I could do it and make it that I loved it, but I wasn't a fan of her choice.I'm sure we will be doing it again though because she liked it so much.
Day 84-- Braids! French braids! You don't have to take the braid all the way to the neck line to have it be wonderful! This one looked super cute! We love Braids.
Day 85-- Beans cleaned up before school today, so we just blow-dried her hair and round brushed her hair for shape and volume. She wanted to wear my favorite of all her headbands and that was it. Simple style and easy-peasy. Do you want a tutorial on how we dry Beans hair? Round brushing the hair is an ART!!!

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  1. I would love tutorial on round brush/drying short hair! I've had a bob for a year (with a lot of fine very straight hair). Thank you for all of your great posts on short hair! Well done, Beans!


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