Stacked Braids

Have you seen this beautiful stacked braid and wanted to know how to do it for yourself? Have you tried and it just didn't look right? There is a certain "formula" to making it work. If you don't know the right amounts of hair to leave out for the stacked braid you will end up with it being very small at the start and very fat on the bottom. It won't be beautiful. So we put together this tutorial to teach you how to make this beautiful style work and look as good as it should.

In the video (below) I have Beans holding the hair for me because it is faster and she is very cooperative. If you need to have a clip out to hold that hair out of your way plan and prepare for that. If you can get your model to help you out it really is the best. (Maybe show your model the video so she knows her roll in this style.)
Did you catch that? Wider/thicker pieces are taken out on the top and you gradually decrease on the amount taken out as you work your way down the braid. That way you will start out at its thickest and as you work thought the hair it will even out with the smaller sections. Its really that easy.
This braid would look great at an angle on the head, in pigtails or in a beautiful curve. Remember that even the simplest style can be made into a beautiful updo/style just by where and how you place it on the head.
Thanks so much for watching and we will see you back here on Friday for our weekly round up. We are nearing the end of our 100 days of hair and doing styles now with short hair. What would you like to see tutorials on with Beans short hair?


  1. Great way to have such a beautiful hair style. In order to make such hair style can we use hair styler.


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