Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! I know... its the 21st and I am just now getting to my new year, new goals post. During the last month of 2013 I was doing a lot of soul searching. Changes have been happening with my family. Last year was a huge struggle for us. However, a great blessing too. Because with struggle usually comes a lot of much needed growth and change.

A lot changes for Beans too by the end of 2013. She was ready for some much needed changes in her life too. Since the end of Summer she was saying how she wanted to cut her hair. She wanted to get it long enough to donate first. So we waited. Every couple of weeks we would measure... and wait. Around Christmas she asked me to measure it again and with two inches still needed to donate it felt like it was never going to be long enough. She cried. She was ready for a change.

I have never been big on making Beans keep her hair long for Girly Do's and I have always said it was her hair. That she could pretty much do with it as she wishes. As long as her choices are modest I am generally up for any change. So as she cried I did what any loving mother would do. I held her and I comforted her and I told her that she really didn't need to wait and donate. Maybe her hair just couldn't get long enough to donate. She was torn. Wanting to wait, but desperate for change.

Friday while at work I finished up with my booked clients and called my husband and had him bring in my little princess. I made the decision easy for her and just had her come in and we cut her hair. That way she didn't need to feel guilty about not donating, because mom just made that part of the decision. These are the things good moms do for there children.
With her change that of course changes a lot around here as well. Girly Do Hairstyles will now be doing more styles with short hair. However, that too is going to change a little. Beans loves helping with our site and even considers it part hers, but she has a lot of other things she wants to get involved with and that will of course limit her time to be able to help me with Girly Do Hairstyles.

That brings us to the changes you will be seeing around here for the new 2014 year. You will still see Beans often, but maybe not as often as years passed. She will be our model for short hairstyles. She loves this style so much I think she is going to keep it short for the next while.

I have acquired a long haired mannequin from of my dear friends from the salon. She has hair about as long as Beans used to be, so you might start seeing a few tutorials on my mannequin. I've always wanted to stay clear of mannequin tutorials, but its not so bad. The way I see it I can now do a few more fancy styles that you might be able to picture being done for proms and weddings. Its very empowering actually. I hope I like doing tutorials on my mannequin.

I'm feeling a bit burned out on hair. NOT to be taken that I am not liking to do hair, but I want to share some of my other talents. I actually am a very crafty person. I am thinking Girly Do's might represent all the things this girly (me) does. I am decorating for my son's sixth grade Valentines dance and I'd like this to become a place where sharing those ideas is appropriate. It will be rare, but you will see a few more crafty posts from me in 2014.

This year you will also see more written articles from me. Reviews and maybe even a few more stories to tug on the heart strings. I hear a lot from my chair of stories from amazing people. I think I'd like to share some of those stories with you. Reviews have always been something I have steered clear of. I don't want to say anything bad about someones product. However this year I am going to take more opportunities to HONESTLY review products and styling tools for my readers. If you have a product you are curious about let me know. I'd love to look into it for you. I may not be the worlds best writer, but I am honest and I will always give an honest review.

I have never been competitive with the other hair bloggers. Most of them are good friends of mine. I adore them. I don't have the same wants for fame and fortune that some of the other bloggers have. I started Girly Do's totally on accident and it grew to something I never thought it could. And it happened over night. I gladly cheer on my friends success. Last year was hard on me because there are some of our followers that think we are in competition. In 2014 one of my goals is to make sure you all know that we are friends. This is not a competition. Follow one of us or follow us all it doesn't really matter. But don't try to pin us against each other, because GIRLS COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER. WOMEN EMPOWER ONE ANOTHER. I am proud of my friends success and I cheer them on in all they do. Please know that.

So lets get 2014 started!!! It's going to be a great year! Thank you again for sticking with us and making us so successful. I'm only here because you all have helped me get where I am. THANK YOU!


  1. I'm contemplating on having my bottom(butt) length hair cut(to mid back or something). Should I donate to Locks of Love or to Pantene? I heard Locks of Love charge people to buy their wigs. Thank you

    She looks adorable with almost any hair length. :)

  2. Love the haircut, looks adorable. Looking forward to the new changes.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the changes too. Love her new do! Such a cutie. PS I couldn't view the truncated part of your post on my phone ... not sure if it's in your settings or was just an issue with my phone - but just FYI.

  4. ADORABLE cut! Can't wait to see the new things. I follow just about every hair blog I could find, and I love how you ladies encourage each other. Fantastic post :)

  5. Oh, and 2 of my 3 girls have really short hair, and the middle one has shoulder-length, so I'm definitely looking forward to more short 'dos :D

  6. So excited to see what you are up to this year!


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