Week 17 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

Its the last week of school before Christmas break. I love this time of year and I often over-book myself between the salon and homemade crafts for the kids. So you haven't got a new tutorial in a while. I hope you can forgive me for that. I actually shot a new one this last week, but it was very dark. So I wanted to reshoot it. So starting over in January. I am also planning on sharing a few of my crafts once Christmas is done and over. I made some really cute ones this year.

Day 74-- We went with her hair pulled into Knots on the left side and pulled back into a low Messy Bun. This was easy fast and super cute.
Day 75-- This is one that is popular right now. Its the Knit Braid. I love this one. Its cute. We haven't done a tutorial for this one, but Abella's Braids has. Here is the link to her tutorial. Tell her Girly Do Hairstyles sent you in her comments. :)
Day 76-- This is one of our favorites. This is called a Drag Braid. We left more hair down in day 76's than the original post, so check it out done both ways.
Day 77-- Beans was having a "Mountain Man" celebration at school on day 77, so we dressed her like a pioneer. I think of Little House On The Prairie and Laura with her cute braids... it has to be braids!
Day 78-- I had a whole different idea in mind for Beans hair this morning, because I wanted to do her hair in a Christmas wreath, but she had far too much texture from the braids the day before, so I went with a style that would work kindly with texture and did a Twisted Bun. She looked beautiful.

So this will be our last weekly round up until next year! That sounds so far away, but it really is right around the corner. Hopefully you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

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