Week 15 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

I love this time of year almost more than any other time of year. I am betting I've said that before, because I have things I love about every season. But this time of year is especially happy and cheerful. I love having our Christmas tree up also.

This week you didn't get a new hairstyle from us and I am sorry about that. I have been getting all my supplies together because I was changing Salons and going out on my own as booth rent. It has been very frightening. Today was my first day. I think I am going to like it.
Day 64--- Beans wanted just a Waterfall Braid on the one side, so that was what she got. This is a great style for anyone of any age, but especially for little girls that are becoming teens.
 Day 65--- This was our Braided Updo Style, but when I got to the bottom I found that Beans hair is so long I had to finish it off differently than I did in the original tutorial. It looks really cute with the bow we used to finish it from All Things Ribbon.
Day 66--- Just a small Fishtail Braid. Nothing too big. Beans has been liking to wear her hair down a little more lately.
Day 67--- This one is another one of our all-time-favorites. Beans Loves the way this one feels when she swooshes her hair. We originally named this one "Got Time" because it felt like it took a long time, but it really isn't that bad. Maybe I am just getting faster.
Day 68--- My fist day at a new salon means I have got to give myself a easy style for this morning, but it also had to be really cute. Its our Four-Strand Chain Braid.

Hopefully you are getting all ready for the upcoming holidays. We've got more decorations to come out and be put up, but it usually takes me all month to get my decorations up. I like it that way though.

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