My top 10 for 2013

It has been a very good year for us! We have had some seriously cute hairstyles to choose from for this round up. I almost was going to make it my top  fifteen this year, but I sucked it up and narrowed it down to my top ten. There were a lot of really cute ones for us to choose from this year. So Scroll down to get the tutorial links to our top ten.

Double twists to a low ponytail. This one is so elegant and since we've posted it on our page we have seen this style popping up everywhere. It is so cute and really and easy style to pull off.

Our Triple Chevron Style is one of my all time favorites. This is easy to do, but looks amazing.

The Double Knot Braid is beautiful! And if you can't french braid I highly suggest you try this one. It may be just exactly what you need.

I love our Braided Faux-Hawk. Don't you? Have you found the banana clip you need to do this one? It is one of our favorites.

We came up with a better way to make the braided bun hold tighter to the head and look great too. This one is a must have for your collection.

The Celtic Knot is always a favorite. This one is so delicate looking. We love this one.

One of our biggest hits of the year has been our big beautiful flower bun updo hairstyle. This one is a little tricky, but beautiful if you can pull it off. 

This was just an idea for having fun with fishtail braiding. I love the detail in this style. Its darling.
Out very beautiful Figure Eight Bun is lovely. I kind of maybe forgot all about this one until I was doing this round up, Man it is seriously so cute. This one needs to be used more and not get lost again. I love it.
Last we have our Drag Braid. I love seeing people using this one. It is a seriously beautiful style. My niece wears it best. Next time I see her with this style in I am totally taking a picture. Her blond hair and this style are like a total treat!

Well that is it! You might have to go back through all of our hairstyles from this last year and see if I go tit right. there were five others that were close calls (honorable mentions) that could have made the top ten as well, but didn't. Tell me which was your favorite style from 2013?

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