Week 16 {#GirlyDos100daysofhair}

I think I've kind of fizzled this week. With Christmas just two weeks away the pressure is on to finish some of my crafts, creations and all my shopping. I hadn't done any of my shopping until this week and I feel like I am very behind. I know people that are done with all of there shopping weeks before Thanksgiving... I am not one of those people.

Day 69-- The week started out okay with this Five-Strand Braid. This is super cute and super pretty. I love the five-strand braid probably more than any other braid. Check out our puffy five-strand braid too.
Day 70-- Beans wanted to use the waves from her braids the day before, so we just put a simple braid in her fringe area. Do you remember when we did before and after braids a few years ago?
 Day 71-- A ponytail kind of day, but Beans also wanted to wear the cute headband we made a few years back. I think a headband looks cute with just a ponytail, but this was all Beans idea. She likes to accessorize.
Day 72-- Our kind of curls done with a curling iron. We are very lucky because Beans hair even when its super straight can hold curl so well. I know a big part of it is how we curl the hot iron. Make sure you check out how we use our hot iron tools
Day 73-- I may or may not have been having a rough Friday the 13th morning. I'll admit to nothing, but if you go off hairstyle I bet you can tell I was a little off. I usually find Friday the 13th is a very lucky day for me.

Beans also made a big decision about her hair this week! One that could change Girly Do Hairstyles for a while. Curious? Hopefully we will be able to reveal her decision in the next few weeks. I think you'll be surprised.

Happy hair doing.


  1. When I saw your Day 72 pic I was just so surprised! beans looks so much like Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies! Those curls are just like Hermione's! (actually, Emma Watson's)
    She reesembles the 11-yr old Hermione so much. Are you sure you aren't related to Emma? (Just kidding)

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