Double Twisted Fish Braid

Have you missed me? I haven't posted in over a week! How crazy is that? I was focused on family for Christmas. It is always a busy time of year. We did have a fantastic Christmas. Lots of cookie making and family. I love this time of year.

For this tutorial we are keeping things super simple. For those of you following us on Instagram or Facebook you know this this tutorial was shot a while ago, because Beans now has short hair. Super short hair! Beans has been asking for short hair for a while now. Long hair was getting in her way and she was just ready for a big change. I will cover all that in another post. But for today you get a cute long haired tutorial! Lucky you!
In the video the camera died right before the end, so we took reverse pictures of the style as we took it out to try and include pictures of how you twist this together as well. Its pretty straight forward.

You are first going to part the hair down the middle and braid two braids on both sides of the braid just on the top of the head. I went back to the back of the crown area. You could do any kind of braid and even do two different types of braids to get really funky. The possibilities are endless. If you want to do a fishtail braid, but don't know how to make sure and check out our fishtail braiding video.

I don't recommend doing any kind of dutch braid because it won't look flattering from the front. Keep your braid flat so that it looks good from the front.
Once your braids are in you can smooth them with product if you have any fly-aways that need taming. Then you will just twist the braids together for a fun unique look that really dolls up this style and makes it super fun.
Once twisted secure the two braids together with an elastic. I remove the other elastics once I combine the two together.
And ta-duh! You have a super easy style that looks so much more fun that just a braid in that top section. Its easy and adorable. It looks extra beautiful with the cascading curls we created using our flatiron. (Tutorial here.)

If you need to see this style put together in action check out this video for more help. Happy hair-doing. And have a very happy and safe New Year.

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