Week 14 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

Super short week for us. Only two days. I can't help but look at a week like this and think that its a bit of a wash. Oh-well. At least the kids are having a good day at school and I get to have them EXTRA time this week. I love long weekends with my little ones. Nothing is better in the whole world.

Day 62-- If enough of you would like a tutorial on this one I can put one together, but I actually saw this one on Instagram and had to give it a try. Its so fun! I love getting new ideas and being inspired by other people.(Follow us at @girlydohairstyles)  ***UPDATED with pictures and a video for this style.
Day 63-- Today I just did a tight single braid in the bangs pulled back into a low ponytail. I can't believe I don't have a tutorial on this one... but I don't. These are the closest two I could find. Look here and here.

Hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this week have a great Thanksgiving. Those who are celebrating Hanukkah also. And to everyone else who is just celebrating I wish you happiness and safety! Thanks for checking in on us.


  1. I would love a tutorial for 62. It is so adorable!

  2. Please do a tutorial on Day 62 hairstyle.:-)


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