Week 13 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

Seriously what a good hair week we had. I love when a week works out this pretty. We are now on the downward slop of our 100 day of hair. This has been very different from last year. We have had so many different styles. I think we used a lot of the same ones last year. Its been fun to watch. Which one is your favorite from this week? (See tutorial links below.)

Day 57--We just three Rows of Braids. We didn't pull them back into anything. This is simple and really cute. Its super perfect for your little ones who are teens or tweens.
 Day 58-- When I looked on Instagram Tuesday morning while I was waiting for the kids to eat there breakfast it seemed like everyone was using Cute Girls Pull Through Braid, so we joined the fun and did it too.
Day 59-- It felt like a Drag Braid kind of day. I see people doing this one all the time. Its so cute!
Day 60-- This is like my ultimate flash back on the week. We originally did this one back in 2009. We made the bun part really big this time. You'll have to see the original post to appreciate this one. And it really is much easier than you think it is to do this one.
Day 61-- Do you have a banana clip? That's how you make this one happen. Its our Faux-Hawk Braid. We love this one. And its quickly becoming one of our most viewed tutorials. Have you used this one yet?

Hopefully you got some good ideas from our hairstyles this week. We love hearing which is your favorite of the week, so make sure and leave us a comment here or on our facebook page. Have a great (and safe) weekend.

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