Week 12 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

This week we had some fun hairstyles. Beans looked super cute this week. And it started out sunny and warm and it is ending snowy and cold. Its time to shift into styles that can hold up well to the weather. What are some of your favorite wet weather hairstyles? We tend to either have it in braids or straight down. And curls are avoided on rainy days.

Day 52-- We had a funeral today for one of my favorite childhood uncles. This was the uncle that was always there. And he lived right around the corner from us growing up, so we saw him all the time. We kept Beans hair simple, but very pretty with a waterfall braid.
 Day 53-- We went with her hair down and straight. I knew I needed to shoot a new tutorial after school today and she needed a morning bath, so we just gave her a salon style blow out. The kind you can't keep your hands out of its so soft and perfect.
Day 54-- Bows and braids. This is an older one that we haven't done in a long time. So it was fun to do for today.  Lots of people stopped Beans to check out this one today.
 Day 55-- I was trying to add in the hair like in this tutorial, but with a Dutch Fishtail Braid. I don't love it, but you have to try these things to see if you like them or don't, right?
Day 56-- It was a Twist kind of day for us. With the weather outside turning I figured it was time to use this style. The original post was from when Beans went to a daddy daughter dance.

Hopefully everyone has a very great and safe weekend. And make sure you tag up on your Instagram pictures with @girlydohairstyles of #girlydohairstyles. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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