Week 11 {#girlydos100daysofhair}

This week we hit the half way point in our 100 days of hair! Can you believe we are almost half way done. Crazy. This was also apparently the week of braids for me. I had a braid in every hairstyle this week. I didn't realize it though until I bunched them all together on this post. Apparently I was in the mood for braids.

Day 47-- I just did a braid in the top fringe area and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She had said she wanted a ponytail today, so that was what we gave her.
 Day 48-- I don't actually have a tutorial for this one, but it is uneven fishtail braids. The top braid is a standard fishtail braid and the bottom one is a dutch fishtail braid. I joined them together uneven and then I secured the whole style into a low ponytail.
 Day 49-- This was another one of Beans request days. She really seems to like using the doughnut bun shape. And of course we put in one of All Things Ribbons beautiful Bun Bows. This tutorial can be found here.
Day 50-- I actually did a whole different style on day 50, but I hated how it looked. Its one we've done many times before, it just didn't turn out very well, so we changed last minute to a really pretty angled braid.
Day 51-- I mostly wanted to leave Beans hair down today after a whole week of pulling it back, so we went with braids and leaving her hair down lightly curled with the flat iron. I love flat iron curls. They might be my favorite and in my opinion longest lasting curls.

Like I said before it was kind of a braid week for us. We are getting very near to having our first 2,000 followers on Instagram. Once we hit that first 2,000 milestone I plan on having a fun giveaway for everyone, so help us and go follow us if you aren't already @girlydohairstyles. Have a great weekend.


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