Week 10 {#girlydos100daysofhair}

The week of Halloween marked the end of a term for our school, so we took Friday off in our district. Or so they say. I kind of think they didn't want the kids back to school on a sugar high today. LOL. I totally don't blame the teachers for that one bit.

We had a great Halloween, but there was one slight downer. The salon I have been working at for over the past year announced they would be closing there doors on October 31st. We only had a weeks notice on the closure. Its been a little bit hard to take in. So its been a bit of a whirl-wind getting my clients notified and trying to figure out my own next step. I'll be fine and land on my feet, but its figuring out where to go from here that is a challenge.
This week we had some super cute hairstyles. Beans pretty much told me exactly what she wanted every day. Most days she just sits down and when I ask her if she wants it any specific way she says, "Do whatever." This week she knew exactly what she wanted.

Day 43-- She just wanted a ponytail on Monday. So we kept it simple and gave her a bump in the bangs and just a plain-Jane ponytail in the back.
Day 44-- She had everything out to do a big Twisted Bun with one of All Things Ribbon Bun-Bows. For the top this time we just smoothed it all out and used hairspray to hold it in place.
 Day 45-- I wanted Beans hair down for day 45 so I could put her extensions back in after school. We had taken them out because they gave her a headache. So we curled her hair under just a little and she put in her favorite headband from All Things Ribbon for Halloween.
Day 46-- Halloween. With her red beaded extensions in place and make-up on she was ready to go. We made her hair wild with waves using our three pronged curling iron. She made a great Bloody Mary.

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween. Make sure and check us out of Instagram and get entered into the giveaway we have going on over there. (@girlydohairstyles) It ends tonight.

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