Fun Braiding Ideas

Today I thought we'd have a fun round-up post of a few of our older styles that are so much more than just a regular braid. If you are ever bored of just the standard braid I highly suggest any one of these eight styles to get you out of your hair boredom funk.

Number one is a Ladder Braid. This one is a little challenging, but its worth practicing and using. It looks great! The second one is using ribbon to make a simple braid into so very much more. Find the tutorial for the second one here. Number three is a Cage Braid. Its still like a simple french braid, but it has a whole different look and feel to it. Its a very nice change. The fourth photo is one of our most viewed tutorials. Its an example of our Ribbon Braid. There are so many ways to use this braid.

In the fifth photo we did a Waterfall Headband Braid pulled back into a low ponytail. Number six is a great example of Drag Braiding. In seven we did a Puffy Five Strand Braid. This is one of my favorite styles. Beans gets stopped a lot whenever we do a five strand braid. And number eight is our Double Knot Braid. This one is starting to be seen all over since we posted this tutorial.

Thanks for tagging us in your Instagram photos. We love seeing your beautiful braids (@girlydohairstyles or #GirlyDos) Have fun with these styles and get creative! Hair can be so much fun if you just practice and have fun. Happy hair doing!

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