Finally a Fishtail Braid that DOESN'T Sag

A few weeks back I was experimenting with an idea I had using the fishtail braid. It didn't work out, but in the process I came up with this super tight non sagging fishtail braid! It is seriously so perfect it should be outlawed! Whenever you start talking about the fishtail braid people will always complain about the same things, it looks too loose or it looks to saggy. So this is what we have come up with to fix that.
The following video is a tutorial on doing the fishtail braid with this simple little twist to how you are already doing this style. It really doesn't change the look much, but as you can clearly see it makes the braid look tighter and much better. Its worth tweaking how you are doing it now to accomplish this look, don't ya think?
Well hopefully you all have a great Thanksgiving day tomorrow. I can't even begin to tell you all the things Beans and I are very grateful for, but I will tell you that each of you is on that list! Thank you for letting us into your homes (by computer) to share our talent with you. Happy Thanksgiving.


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