Week 9 {#girlydos100daysofhair}

What a busy week its been. Guess what week it was for me. It was rush to get everything done for Halloween week. And for the first time for as long as I can remember I am ready for Halloween before the day of Halloween! Its a great year for us. Beans has finally given me the okay to share her Halloween costume, so I will post that later. Today she had a party and it was her first time putting on the whole costume on. She looked amazing!

As far as hair goes... I think we had a pretty good week. I love knowing which style was your favorite for the week, so please feel free to leave us a comment telling us which was your favorite.

Day 38-- I don't get into dressing the hair up or decorating much, the extent of getting into any holiday is using ribbon in the hair that coordinates with the season. So this is some spider ribbon braided into the hair using our beautiful ribbon braid.

Day 39-- So I finally filmed our double knot braid and I am working on our triple knot in the upcoming weeks. This is one of our all-time favorites. The tutorial was from this week and can be found here.

Day 40-- Per Beans request she had just wanted a Waterfall Braid for day 40. I actually think this is the first time we have done this in our 100 days of hair this year. Kind of wild. We did this a lot last year.

Day 41-- Beans couldn't wait any longer to put in the extensions we had as part of her Halloween costume, so I put a few of them in for day 41. And of course that means we had to leave her hair down so everyone could see them. So we sent with big fat curls from my 1 3/4 inch barrel iron. Her hair holds curl great. I know most of that is the technique we use.

Day 42-- This was a hurry and get out the door morning for us since I was supposed to be volunteering at the school. Beans also had to wash her hair this morning and that made the morning a little more rough as far as styling her hair goes. It was quick simple braids pulled back and meeting in the back. Its cute and quick. Quick was important this morning.

So which was your favorite? And why?

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  1. I love your knotted pigtails, they look like they would hold up well and keep hair from going crazy throughout the school day.


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