Week 8 {#Girlydos100daysofhair}

SHORT WEEK!!!! My favorite. We slept in (a bit) this morning. And we are still lounging in our PJ's and its almost 10 am. I love a much needed lazy day. I have spent the morning working on Halloween costumes trying to buy some time before my baby wakes up. He has been waking up the last few mornings needed some one-on-one super snuggle time with his mommy. And that trumps almost any other need or priority. I love my snuggle babies!

Other than working on costumes I have the added bonus of posting this weeks hairstyles earlier than Friday. How exciting! I think we had a really good hair week. And this week was picture day! So exciting. The day before picture day at school my kids added in there prayer not that they hoped to take good pictures or anything, but to say thanks for picture day. So apparently its a big deal for kids. Hopefully we (as parents) don't stress them out about picture day too much.

Day 35-- Per Beans request she just wanted a messy bun. I actually did some knots on the left front side just to give it more hold, but I really wanted to show off the messy bun more than the knots in the photo, but it was darling to combine the two. (I'll try and post a picture on Facebook/Instagram later today.
 Day 36-- I was in one of those moods where I just wanted Beans to have her hair down. So we got out the flatiron and straightened it and gave it a slight curve under lay. I love Beans hair and I have to leave it down once in a while to remind her that there is beauty in simplicity.
Day 37-- PICTURE DAY!!! Beans wasn't sure how she wanted her hair, but we both agreed that down was best, so we went with a basket weave hairstyle. She said that all the photographers were looking at her hair and gathered around her to ooOOo and awww over her cute style. Safe to say it was a big hit and the right hairstyle for the day. In the past we have curled her hair that was left down, so this was a whole to venture for us.

So now we are just relaxing, working on Halloween and playing a bit. So its a good week at our house. Two questions for you. First is which style was your favorite from this week. And second, what are your kids (and you) going as for Halloween this year?


  1. Always top ... I love your super amazing blog :)


  2. All of them are so cute, and it IS always nice to get picture day ideas, but I just LOVE the way you do messy buns. So that one has to be my favorite.
    E is going to be a cheerleader (BYU, much to my chagrin) and S is going tobe Draculaura from Monster High. How about your little darlings?

  3. This is a cool post and I love that hair style. It's a brilliant idea.I also did a bun like that and i loved it. It looked so cute.


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